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Offering advice, information, Inspiration, Interviews, Pink Deals, Must Haves, Reviews
and easy how-to’s – anything that makes parents lives better!

Pink & Blue is an online hub for all things Family & Life. It is an amazing resource
for the modern parent to turn to for trusted advice, information & inspiration! 

 Our topics range from all things family, parenting advice, recipes, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, relationship advice, how to’s. Our articles resonate with our readers because we are on the pulse of #HOT TOPICS that are trending, answering the burning questions that every mom has, where to go, what products to buy: From our Editor’s Picks & Must Haves like amazing toys, must have products, clothes, lipsticks, the hottest look for the season, or an app that will change your life

Our carefully selected contributors include industry experts, doctors, bloggers are well recognized and respected parents, it has quickly become the “it” Parenting & Lifestyle website.

 Evolving into, P&B UNEDITED INTERVIEWS, that takes a closer look into influencers and gives the inside scoop on today’s Modern Parent! P&B unedited, unfolds & unravels the #real & #authentic lives of parents, & how they do it all! Pink & Blue aims to inspire, inform, & connects the Modern Parent. We have now taken it   to the next level, and now, you can tune in live for our “FEATURED” live interviews on our wildly popular “Pink and Blue Facebook group” & Youtube Channel and our M.I.L.K ” Mom I’d Like to Know interviews.

 That is where Hello Nikki #MomChats comes in! Join our community of moms; Nicole Bloomberg aka 
"Nikki" & their “mom guest panel” discuss parenting life and everything in between.
 Pulling from our #momchat discussions on our forum on the Pink & Blue Facebook group, PINK & BLUE,
 #MomChats leaves nothing off the table and it is totally #unfiltered. We are on the pulse of #HOTTOPICS and #MUSTHAVES. 

Hello Nikki #Mom Chats has the perfect mix of parenting tips you may need to make life a little easier and 
"FUN" along the way.  Our "Live interviews" & "Mom Chats" on P&B TV is totally raw & “Unedited”
 It that takes a closer look into influencers and gives the inside scoop on today’s Modern Parent! 
P&B unedited, unfolds & unravels the #real & #authentic lives of parents, & how they do it all!

 “We are the first publication in Canada that garner our topics straight from where we began, our Facebook Forum. Pink & Blue Magazine brings parents articles that they actually want to read,” says Nicole Bloomberg, founder and CEO of the online Canadian digital parenting website, Pink and Blue Magazine Ltd. “Moms are more social than ever, they’re working hard to balance jobs, social lives and parenthood at the same time.     We’re making life easier for parents who just don’t have the time to search the Internet, but want the very best for their families and themselves all in one place.”

Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd is based in Toronto, with contributors and readers all over North America.


Founded by Nicole Bloomberg, Pink & Blue began organically as way for the modern mom to connect & exchange advice with the popular FB group that exploded onto the mom scene in 2011, attracting thousands of passionate parents every week and evolved into a fashion forward Parenting & Lifestyle magazine.

Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. is the mom brand created by Nicole Bloomberg, with the authentic intention to bring moms together to learn and be inspired because, she is a mom herself and understands the needs, wants, & interests of the mom target market!  Pink & Blue has become a trusted source led by founder Nicole Bloomberg. 

Nicole Bloomberg has evolved the Pink & Blue brand, becoming a brand ambassador, Influencer, brand content expert & developer, social media leader and constantly evolving her brand! 


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