The #1 Makeup Question Every Woman Asks

by Agnes Fallen
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eally??? Not you too.
Over the years, I’ve heard this question being asked more and more – to think as if there is only one single colour that suits your eyes. WRONG.

Why would you limit yourself to one colour option or colour combination?

I think this philosophy on choosing eye makeup is flawed and I am convinced that other artists would agree. We need to get away from old time thinking of ‘I’m a winter, therefore I was told to wear more cool- based tones…etc.” The problem with sticking to this philosophy is what happens when your ‘winter’ colours no longer match your hair or outfit? Then what?  Do you not change your hair colour? And surely I know that not everyone touches up their haircolour or highlights but for those that do, it does provide you with new ideas for eye colours to play with.

I always believed that makeup is about mood. And by mood, I mean, taking your hair, your skin colour, outfit, and accessories into consideration. This entire ensemble helps to create mood and carry out the look more genuinely.

Rather than deciding on sticking to hard, fast-set rules, use your own skintone and colours found already present in your skin to guide you. This could come in the form of looking more closely at your eye colour. Is it brown? hazel? Are there specks of olive green or golden flecks? Or how about if you’re a blue-eyed beauty? Use some of those colours to inspire you when you’re making your next makeup decision as to which colour to wear on your eyes. Dare to experiment and be courageous. You may like it more than you know.


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