21 Fitness tips for spring

by Rachael Grad
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Twenty-one awesome tips to stay motivated when you train

Getting started with a fitness regime and maintaining your motivation needn’t be difficult, The following tips will help keep you on track…

What follows are 21 inspiring ways to help you get motivated and stay that way on the road to health and fitness:

  1. Set goals; yes, it helps – but keep those goals realistic and vary them from time to time;
  2. Get involved in different activities; try alternating group activities with one-on-one training;
  3. Alter your training regimes; try new methods. There are many ways to train with weight lifting, crossfit training, aerobics, yoga, and even dance. Change it up!
  4. Get a training buddy, someone that you are in sync with – training with a partner can be beneficial to each of you while being very motivational;
  5. Make it fun; there’s no point to drudgery. Find activities that are enjoyable for you!
  6. Include some form of physical activity in your daily living. Remember, even walking is beneficial. Keep yourself moving! It makes it all that much easier on training day;
  7. Keep a diary. That’s right – write it down… goals, methods, and accomplishments. Have a strategy on paper and record your efforts;
  8. Find ways to reward yourself; both small ways on a daily basis or major rewards for the long term can make it a great deal more worthwhile;
  9. Listen to music on headphones; find what inspires you and change the tracks as often as you like to help your mood and rhythm;
  10. Remain flexible with your workout plan. If you miss a couple of days, that’s okay! You might also try to change your schedule around to keep the fire burning;
  11. Keep your workouts short for a while if you need to; don’t bother trying to force yourself into one and two hour sessions. If 20 minutes is all you can manage, it’s still good;
  12. Read inspirational stories or watch inspirational accounts; whether concerning sports and fitness or other feats, find accounts of other people’s struggles and accomplishments that can fire you up;
  13. Take it easy. Be yourself – no one is batting you over the head. Relax into it;
  14. Learn! Yes, the more you learn about fitness, nutrition, sports, and the human body you may just find you’ve got more inspiration than you would have thought possible;
  15. Ask questions; talk to your personal coach or group trainer. Whether about motivation or other related questions, you might find it really keeps you going;
  16. Feel good about yourself. If no one else says it – you heard it here: Take some pride and joy in yourself and feel good about your efforts;
  17. Write a blog. Even if it’s only to be shared with a select few, documenting details of your journey of health and fitness can be quite inspirational;
  18. Expand your experience of joy and wellness; for example, do you enjoy cooking? Learn about healthy cooking. Feed your “complete self” with wholesome things;
  19. Enjoy other perks of health and wellness like massages, hot tubs, and saunas;
  20. Stay with the positive and reduce the negative; positive people and situations are good. Those things that are perpetually negative are generally best avoided;
  21. Find fun things for yourself and your family that encourage activity – there are many: biking, skating, hiking, walking, skateboarding, shooting hoops, playing catch… lots!
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