5 Ways to get outside and have fun this winter!

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to hibernate!

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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Does your family get bored sitting at home all day in the winter time? Throw on your snow suits and get outside!

Building snowmen, tobogganing and having a snowball fight are all fun ways to get your family outside and moving around. Although we haven’t had too much snow this year, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost in the winter fun department- there is still lots to do while we wait for snow days!

Outdoor (and indoor) skating rinks are great options, and conservation areas are always available for the days you want to take your family for a nice long walk. Grab your skis and head to your favorite ski hill which is sure to have snow all winter long. Take your little ones to a park in their snowsuits and have a laugh watching them waddle around. Bonus: the extra padding helps in case of slips or trips!

All of these options will allow your little one to burn off some steam before heading back inside for some hot chocolate and (hopefully) an early bed time from all the fun!


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