A Fool Proof Way To Loose Weight

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Just like you, I want to loose weight and feel amazing.  My love affair with exercise began in 2004 when I came home from University 165 lbs!  For those of you who have gained weight during pregnancy I’m sure you can relate to that number and the general feeling of anxiety that accompanies said number.  The thing with loosing pregnancy weight (as opposed to University weight) is that you cannot put your body first.  You have to put your baby first.  If you are breastfeeding then you cannot diet by counting calories, you have to exercise.  If you aren’t breastfeeding then you can diet, but you have to be very careful! If you don’t consume enough calories every day you may feel faint and that isn’t a responsible way to parent.

So your final option to loose weight as a new mom, who either is or isn’t breastfeeding, is to exercise!

There are three necessary components to exercising and loosing weight.  They are cardiostrength training and stretching.  A balance of all three is ideal.  As we know, everything we do and experience is a balance of opposites.  If you do the cardio, you need the stretch.  If you do the strength you need the cardio.  If you do the stretch you need the strength, and so on.

I’m going to let you in on two exercise secrets: gravity strength training and gravity pilates.  The first is all strength and the later is a combo of strength and stretch.

I know what you are thinking…what is that?!?  You can go online and watch videos (Chuck Norris + Christie Brinkley are celebrity spokes models) and dream of getting your body into shape (www.totalgym.com).  Or you can get moving into Gravitate Studio, where there are 8 machines ready and waiting for you.

In a gravity class you will work every inch of your body on one state-of-the-art piece of equipment.  Gravity is an efficient full-body workout.  With the gravity training system you use your own body weight as resistance to strengthen, tone and sculpt.  With music pumping, you will engage all major muscle groups and experience a multitude of strength training, core and stretching exercises to improve functional fitness and flexibility.  The gravity machine’s unique design makes this class suitable for all ages, fitness and experience levels.  Gravity Pilates is a cousin to a Pilates reformer class. Gravity Pilates incorporates traditional Pilates exercises focusing on improving flexibility and body awareness.  The result is an intense hour where you experience core strengthening, breath work, and full-body toning. This class is recommended for those with some Pilates + Gravity experience.

Since opening the studio (June 2012) I have watched my body change from taking two gravity classes a week.  I have noticed my client’s bodies changing as well.  People are loosing weight, getting toned, feeling stronger and most importantly gaining a sense of body awareness.  This is the first step towards changing your frame.  Once you understand your body, you can start to change it.  If you can commit to a new and improved fitness routine you will see results.

If you were wondering, to lose my University weight, I combined exercise and diet and I lost 10 pounds in under a few weeks.   The rest of the weight came off slowly, as I stayed committed to my exercise and diet regime.  Today I am not at all concerned with what the scale says.  Either I fit into my jeans or I don’t.  But I know that when I have a positive attitude I can have the results that I am looking for.

Your mental attitude about your own body image will shift from negative to positive when you learn about yourself- what your strengths and weaknesses are. I have to tell you the possibilities are endless.  Stay focused, stay positive and know that what you want you will get…it just takes time and effort.

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