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We love working with Brands big and small! We can help you develop content and conversation that resonates with moms! We create unique advertising campaigns advertising and promotional opportunities across our platforms.

We believe in creating conversations not just speaking with your audince, we believe in enganging users, whether it be through our popular Facebook Group, Interactive Digital Magazine, Content, Live Show, Sponsored Stories, Advertorials, Events, Business Directory, Newsletter or Pink Deals!

Are you a Brand? Here is how we can work with you!

  • Content Creation: Blog / Vlog / Live Show
  • Expert Platform: Pink & Blue Magazine & Website
  • Social Media Driven Conversation: #Momchats #askP&B #momsquad
  • Media Relations / PR: TV Segments, Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador, Media Interviews
  • Event: Event Hosting (on & offline), Speaking Engagements
  • Product Curation
  • Custom Campaigns

  Please feel free to contact us at anytime for more information or to book space.We look forward to working with you!

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We create “MOM BUZZ” with our popular forum and social marketing!

Pink & Blue is tapped into a HUGE SOCIAL NETWORK.

Research has shown that:

Moms make most of the buying decisions for the home.

Being able to relate, reach, and interact with “REAL” moms which is key.


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Here are just a few ways we can help you and your marketing programs leverage the strength of word-of-mouth and the ‘mom-buzz’ you want: 

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Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.42.02 PM


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  Request our Media Kit and Rate Card & explore the range of options with us. 

  • We offer a wide scope of advertising options, be it our digital magazine along with our popular social media option, Shout-outs which reaches thousands of moms”
  • We are dedicated to working with you to create a personalized and tailored advertising solution that suits your budget and degree of exposure, so that you can get all the buzz you want
  •  We will work with any budget big or small and customize a solution that fits your businesses needs.
  • We create MOM BUZZ, that is what we are known for!
  • We are the first publication in Canada that garners our topics straight from our early roots, our Facebook Forum.
  • Our Facebook Group and growing by 100-200 people weekly, that is currently over 24,000 members+.
  • Start offering our members PINK DEALS: For products, events, & services: Everythigng & Anything that relates to Life & Family!


“Working with Pink & Blue was a great experience. Everything Nik and her team promised was delivered and the event itself was a huge success. She was great at helping us find exactly the right sponsorship and marketing opportunities and they definitely made a difference.”

~ Robert Shapiro, Prosserman JCC

“Pink and Blue mag has done wonders for me as a small company trying to grow my business. Working with Nicole and her team has been a pleasure and I will continue to advertise and market with them in the magazine as well as at their events. Thanks again for all of your hard work!”

~From Jenna Placey – The Investment BakerMy partner Rachel and I are co-owners of a small business called Chopped Salads. When we first thought of the idea we posted it on Pink and Blue to see if it would garner any interest. Within hours we had dozens of responses to our post. Within days we had hundreds. We were able to take these contacts and successfully turn them into loyal, repeat customers. Months later new people continue to place orders with us and reference our post on Pink and Blue as to how they heard about us. Chopped Salads literally would not exist without Pink and Blue nor would it have grown as quickly as it has without such a forum. For a mom and a momprenuer such as myself, Pink and Blue is an invaluable resource that quickly, easily and effectively puts me in front my target market. Thank you Pink and Blue!!
~Lanna Barrison- Chopped SaladsI love the magazine and the Facebook site is super helpful.~ Julie Foisy

Ironically, so many people have asked me if I work for Pink & Blue because of how excited I get about the forum and how much I actually promote it. I have to say I don’t think I could have gotten through the past 8 months with my daughter (first time mommy) without P & B. I have made some new friendships and have learned so much from the forum.. It is also my GO TO place when I need any advice. Thank you for starting this wonderful resource and outlet for us mommies. ~ Mandy Waagner

I am a huge fan of your Facebook group and a devoted member since having my daughter.~ Jennifer Dickie

Hey saw some of your interviews on FB today.  Looked like a great event. Congrats on such a needed event for moms and moms to be. You’re a true revolutionary!! Great Work!
~ Eric Shendy, Shendy’s Swim School

Hi Nicole. I’m a big fan of your Pink and Blue empire 🙂 Keep up the good work.Honestly, the Pink and Blue Facebook page helped me a lot after having a baby. I’m grateful!~ Ofra N.

I posted on your group this evening about a young woman who was in a abusive relationship and ran away with her 5 week old daughter. She had nothing for her little girl and was even contemplating adoption at one point as she could not provide. She contacted my website Single Moms Fresh Start and was only looking for a little inspiration. After hearing her story i wanted to help her. I posted in your group looking for any type of donation not expecting much but the out poor of support and donations has truly floored me and even brought me to tears tonight. I am doing a Toronto run and collecting from everyone who has offered! I just want to say that because of your group this woman will have everything she needs for her little girl and i am so inspired!
~ Staci Nicole Lumb

I had come across your magazine on Facebook, thanks to a friend, and had to download your app upon reading the first couple of pages of your latest issue! Thank you for creating a magazine for moms who care about their children, about what is best for their children, about their relationship with their spouse/significant other, and about fashion (and helping us to still feeling beautiful)! I appreciate it all so much and look forward to cotinuing to enjoy your magazine in the future!~ Maggie

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