The Art of Letting Your Babies Grow Up

by Julie Cole
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I have to be honest, I always saw myself as a baby kind of a mama. When my Biggies were babies, I remember being at the park and seeing school aged kids and thinking how weird it must be to parent such big kids. I just couldn’t imagine the day would come. And I certainly couldn’t imagine how I would parent biggie sized kids.

Well, apparently I blinked and now I have some. And I’ve discovered I had nothing to fear. In fact, there are some really great things you can look forward to. Some of the things I enjoy most with my biggie sized kids include:

They’re helpful with younger siblings:

sister helping sibling

There’s nothing sweeter than watching a big sibling help out a little sibling. They do it often and they do it willingly. Recently on a tree climbing adventure, the little guy just needed a bit of comfort at a scary moment. Big sister was there to comfort him.

They do crazy things with younger siblings:

fruit ninja

I have to say, some of the funniest things happen when the big kids get the little kids involved in crazy antics. Case in point: at the cottage, the Biggies decided it would be wise to play real life fruit ninja. (They also thought that getting a machete waving 6-year-old involved was entirely appropriate.)

They’re hilarious:

I found this on my daughter’s Instagram account. It might have won the Internet that day. Forget “Straight Outta Compton”, this kid knows exactly where she came from.

straigt outta Julie

On top of those, we are also now having REAL conversations where they challenge me, share opinions and can insert sarcasm where appropriate. I don’t have to put on my “mommy” hat all the time – they can really see who I am as a human.

The other clear advantage is the level of independence that comes with having Biggies. I can drop them at the arena and know they will get themselves dressed for hockey. They can manage their own homework schedules, get themselves a meal and even pay for some things themselves.

I understand if you are sad and nervous looking to the future when you no longer have wee babies, but I learned that there is no need to be. Children should be enjoyed at every age and stage, so just roll with it!

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