How to avoid holiday weight gain!

by Bonnie Wisener
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 Avoiding holiday weight gain!

It’s so hard to believe that it’s that time of year already, but it is! .  Once fall arrives, we make great efforts to get back into our routines, which means we return to our good eating and living habits – more mindful of food, back into the gym and better bedtimes.

In anticipation of the holidays, we think ahead to the party dress we want to look amazing in, the people we are going to see and we are motivated to be mindful. Then the parties and gatherings arrive and we often can’t help ourselves. There is just too much food and wine. We find ourselves in January starting the cycle again.

Holidays are an amazing time for connection and reflection, but they are often very stressful. Food is abundant and delicious.  There are many holiday favourites and people tend to overindulge.

Here are my five top tips to avoid weight gain this holiday season.

  1. Wear snug clothing.  Sounds simple, right? Try it. It may be uncomfortable, but you will not feel like overeating.
  2. Avoid skipping meals to indulge in upcoming holiday meals. Research shows that when we skip meals, we eat more overall.
  3. Allow yourself one full size dessert at each meal. Do not graze at the dessert table eating little tastes of various desserts. You WILL end up eating more dessert this way.
  4. There are usually veggie plates for starters. Try and start with those, or avoid the starters altogether. We think it fills us up so that we don’t have room for our meal, but then somehow we do make room…and end up overindulging.
  5. Try to plan ahead. Planning really is key to success. Try to find out what is on the menu ahead of time, and plan your meal accordingly.

These five tips can help you stay the course, enjoy the holidays without feeling deprived or guilty and make for a much easier January.  No matter what happens, keep your goal in mind.

Most importantly, if you overindulge, do not beat yourself up over it, just get back on track the next day. Enjoy the holidays.


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