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 Baby Milestones

Around 1-2 months: Your baby will start to recognize and pay special attention your voice. As their muscles lips, toungue, and other mouth muscles develop, your baby will start to make more advanced sounds like cooing.

In the first few months, an infant learns that there is a world of things around them. Between 1-7 months they know who is their main care giver.

Around 2-3 months: You can expect your tot to make more ounds when other mommy’s talk to them. It is like the beginning of a conversation.

Around the 4th-12th months, your baby will discover that this special person is seperate but can communicate throuh looks, touch, and play.

Around 8 months: Your baby will start o make ” mama” and ” dada” sounds however, they do not associate what the word means.

Around 9-10 months: Your baby will use the sounds and signs to call mommy & daddy  to greet them.

Around 12 months: You will start to notice that your baby will start to make sounds that have meaning like ” ba” for bottle. Just by the tone of voice, and will get sad if your voice is louderor not as happy. Before 9 months, babies understand when you call their name and will ge upset if they hear the word “no”.

By 12 months, your baby will understand several names of people or objects that show they understand by looking at the person or thing. They also will start moving about, can hold things, start to communicate by changing facial expressions and making gesture and sounds.

Cognitive Development:

Babies are curious to see, hear, and touch. As months go by, their eyes follow people who move around. They learn to sensor sounds at the beginning with eye movements, and later by turning their head.

As they start to grab thing and hold things that is when they start to put everything in their mouth, shake it, bang it, throw it and pass it from one hand to another.

If a toy they like is hidden they go and look for it later. They will start to bang toys together to fit one toy in another.

Climbing: A toddler climbs stairs on all fours by 13 months.

By 15 months your baby can climb stairs on hands and knees.

By 15-18 months is an expert on climbing on low furniture.

By 18 months can start to walk up stairs with some assistance. When they are 18 months they can also say about 10 words. They will also start to understand direcitions. Something very exciting is no more diapers because your toddler should be able to start being potty trained by 18-24 months and control when they have to go pee pee by 24 to 30 months. Let your child go at their own rate and shouldn’t be pressured before 36 months.

Signs that they maybe ready for potty training is they are regular & they know when they have to go. You should let it happen naturally without pressure and show excitement when they are successful. You should expect the accidents even though they aren’t fun.

By 21, months can walk down stairs, if their hand is held. They will be able to start to say 20 single words and two-word links will appear.

By 24 months can go up and down, holding on to the railing. By 30 months can jump down from a low chair or step. They will be able o say from 50-100 words. They will also start to understand directions like, ” Please give that to me” or ” Put your toy away”

If your toddler is anything like my 2 1/2 year old niece they will start to repeat everything they say. By, 36 months your child will be able to use 5-6 word sentences. They will also be able to answer questions like “What is your name?”

Your toddler is on a new learning curve and starting to test their boundaries for example: They are trying to go off on their own and looking over their shoulder to make sure you are watching them, they are excited and scared at the same time, thaty wil have tantrums.

Your child may start to gravitate towards a blankie or doll and start to replace their emotional connection with you.

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