Back to School beauty routine for moms

Quick & Easy makeup

by Cherie Snow
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Moms! Want an easy beauty routine that will still get you out of the door with your kids while still looking refreshed?  Here are some fast easy tips!
Natural-looking skin will always be in style.  Here is a basic look you can do!
BB Cream is a great item to use instead of foundation. It helps to cover your skin while still letting it breathe at the same time.  A matte neutral eyeshadow like a beige or a peach all over the lid with a taupe or a brown colour for the crease will give you a nice soft look for the day.  If you would like a bit of definition for the eyes, use a soft brown or black eye pencil at the lash line. Don’t worry if you make a messy line when you apply it.
Just smudge it with a Q-tip.  You can also add mascara if desired.  Also find a soft complimentary blush to give your cheeks some life.
 Beauty routine for moms in time for Back to School routine!
 To finish off your look, you can use a nice lip stain.  It gives your lips a pumped up look and you don’t have to apply it as much throughout the day like a lipstick! Moms deserve to look great but making it fast it just as important!
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