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Beauty Insider with Alex Saul

French teacher and momma of four year old Olivia

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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The #P&Bbeautyinsider Interview series focuses in on the lives of Pink and Blue moms.  Submit your own on Instagram -tag us @pinkandblue and include the hashtag #P&Bbeautyinsider for a chance to be featured on Insta! If you want to be interviewed, email us at

What are your fav beauty and skincare products?

My go-to products are my Sulfate free cleanser, vitamin c serum, and Retin-A. Recently my husband bought me Biore sunscreen from Japan and its fantastic!

Any top shelf must haves?

Definitely my Laurier Mercier mineral makeup foundation, Better Than Sex Mascara by Too faced, and Cover Girl eye brow gel. Together they create the perfect everyday look!

Do you have a fav perfume?

I definitely love Clean from Sephora, anything Chloe, and Woodsage and Seasalt by Jo Malone. Woodsage smells like old money… It’s odd but I like it! Its like it’s been sitting in your jean pocket for years.

Fav face wash?

First aid Beauty from Sephora for sure. The Charcoal Boscia cleanser is also a personal favourite.

Charcoal-boscia does a great one.

How do you start off your beauty routine for the day?

I always use a double cleanse which is famous in Korea. You start with an oil based cleanser and then use a gentle sulfate free foam cleanser. The oil dissolves the sebum and helps to clean the clogged pours. I find it really makes a difference in my routine.

And the rest of your routine? 

The rest of the morning is a simple cleanse, vitamine c sérum, followed by sunscreen. That’s it!

At night I vary my routine between retinoids and acid based exfoliants. I use ReSurface by Shani Darden. It’s the most gentle retinoid I have found. It’s strong and gentle at the same time, just like the man should be. Ha ha ha! The acid toner is the French cult Biologique Recherche P50 toner. It’s a cool cocktail of acids that is fantastic for skin elasticity, toning and barrier repair. I often don’t even use a moisturizer, cause I don’t like anything heavy on my face when I sleep.

How has it changed after having kids?

Ha ha ha! I just have to move faster! Honestly it didn’t have to change because it wasn’t as elaborate to begin with. There are days when I just want to assume horizontal position as soon as my daughter is asleep, but no matter how tired I am, I have to wash my face before I go to bed.

 How do you stay in the loop about products? 
I read couple blogs. Michelle from Beauty Editor does a great job covering what’s new and attention worthy in the skin care and make up world. I find Beautezine is fun to look through sometimes as well as the beauty section of refinery29.

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