Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Let them chilax!

by Jessica McIntyre
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Kids can benefit from Kids Yoga in a variety of ways! Yoga is a holistic approach to offsetting the stress of our busy lifestyles, through breath, movement, stillness and relaxation.

Our fast paced lives give few opportunities for us to slow down, take a breath and reflect on the events or the emotions of the day. The same is true for our children. A typical day for a child could include a pre sunrise wake up, a 6 hour school day, followed by copious extracurricular activities, late night dinners and even later bedtimes – leading to tired and over stimulated toddlers.

 Kids Yoga, at Studio Blue Yoga, is practiced in a nurturing, stress free and supportive environment to encourage children to build self-confidence and self- love / acceptance. Yoga is not about perfection or competition, there is no winner or loser – it is about learning to be accepting of others and of ones self.

The following are a few key principles that yoga can teach or cultivate in our children:

  • Nourish creativity
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Help to balance body and mind
  • Build coordination and balance
  • Increase body awareness
  • Teach self-acceptance and self-love
  • Increase awareness of breathing
  • Help to build concentration
  • Teach how to relax and reduce stress
  • Is lots of FUN!!
  • And more!
Parents Say:
“The 10:30am class time is perfect, a great way to start the morning. Sabine is 3 years old and I love the pace of the class, starting with fun games and playful poses, and ending with some brilliant meditation and calming techniques for toddlers and preschoolers. We especially love the ‘stars in a jar’ and the breathing exercises with the aromatherapy flower, which we now use at home when a tantrum is coming on.”  Ana Yuristy, High Park
“We lead busy lives and so does our toddler! She goes to daycare 5 days a week, has swimming lessons and practices gymnastics. To be honest, we weren’t sure whether or not our family needed yet another activity. Our lives were already so busy! But toddler yoga isn’t just another activity; it’s something so much more.”   David Fair, Long Branch
“At yoga, Evie is learning the art of calmness. Teaching a toddler to breathe, stretch and be still, yet strong, is quite rare. So many activities focus on running around, jumping up/down, shouting out songs, whereas yoga is teaches our toddler to focus, be peaceful and find that awesome connection between her body and mind. We spend a whole hour together, being totally present and calm. She absolutely loves it… And so do we!” –  Tracy Saunders, Etobicoke.
As you can see there are many benefits for children who do yoga. It is also advantageous for parents to be present so that they can not only spend quality time with their toddler, but they too are learning skills as well as new strategies to help their toddlers cope with stressors that are bound to arise throughout each and every day. This year, stop to take a breath or two with your toddler and reap the benefits of yoga in 2015.
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