Catch the Bus: Master the Morning Routine

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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Dreading the first week back at school? In less than a month you’ll be making lunches, buying school supplies, and packing backpacks. Settling into a routine can be both exhausting for a parent, and confusing for kids still daydreaming about summer freedom. This year, with a few helpful tips, you can ensure you’ll be getting out the door on time!

1. Write things down

Start planning! An agenda (or let’s be honest, your smart phone) can be a life-saver when scheduling. Lists are great for when you can’t get creative for planning lunches (if you are really stuck check back we will be posting some creative lunch and snack ideas!). Take 15 minutes and start writing down ideas! Putting a little effort in before the hectic days start can save time, and save you from unnecessary stress.

2. Do as much as you can the night before

There’s something about mornings. Our groggiest version of ourself has a big job to do. If you prefer to be productive in the night hours, do what you can before you go to sleep. This can mean anything from packing lunches early, to lining up backpacks by the door. Checking one more thing off the morning routine list can be the difference between catching the bus or missing it.

3. Set out clothes

Setting out clothes for your kids is a great strategy to save time in the morning. This year, take it a step further and plan your own outfit! Do all the ironing, and accessorizing the night before, so you’re ready to go in the morning without any hassle.

4. Settle into your own routine

Instead of your routine being the same as the kids’ routine, work in some me-time to put you into a good mood. The key is to do what makes you happy. So if that means waking up a little earlier to get in a few yoga poses or read a few pages of your book, do it. Even playing a few rounds of Words with Friends can be therapeutic! Get that 25 point word, and wake up the kids feeling a little brighter yourself.

5. Take care of you

The usual tricks of eating healthy and minimizing caffeine levels will leave you feeling better. If you’re taking care of yourself, your stress levels will decompress and your mood will improve as you take on the day. Your kids will notice a calmer morning parent, and hopefully will go through the morning routine with that same attitude.

The morning routine can be brutal, but organizing yourself beforehand can improve your efficiency and minimize the stress of getting out the door. If you find that any of our tips work for you, or if you have a life-hack you can share, let us know!

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