Check out our 25 days of giving in different ways to pay it forward this holiday season!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Kindness is always something that can be given without having to cost us anything.  It is free to give and free to receive and it is one of the most important attributes one can possess.

Kindness is always in season, always needed and if we can’t give kindness; then we are lacking in our personal growth.  Kindness can give another soul, hope; why not give another human that? 

Kindness is goodness-  if we are seeking to be individuals who inspire others, there must be some goodness within us.  If we aren’t good; we will reap the benefit of being otherwise just like any other selfish trait.  If we seek goodness in others, we are apt to find it; there is something worthwhile in all of us, it just may be hidden. check-out

25 days of giving in different ways to pay it forward:

1. Treat a Stranger
2. Poetic Gesture
3. Clothing Donation
4. Parking Meter
5. Kind Gesture
6. Toy Donation
7. Food Donation
8. Show Appreciation
9. Nursing Home
10. Relay Gratitidue
11. Help a animal
12. Phone Call
13. Fill the Red Kettle
14. Brighten Someone’s Day
15. Brighten Someone’s Day-Give Compliments
16. The unexpected-Purchase giftcards for strangers
17. Care Package
18. Take time to read
19. Donate Blood
20. Book Donation
21. Generous Tip
22. Snow Removal
23. Neighnorly Love
24. Social Media SHoutout
25. Gift of Love
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