TORUK – The First Flight a Cirque du Soleil performance-Must See!

TORUK – The First Flight at the Air Canada Centre this weekend!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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The Cirque du Soleil is back with a new show called ” Toruk — The First Flight”, and I had the privilege of seeing it on its opening night with my daughter at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre last night.

The show was inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar and set on the moon named Pandora and took place 3,000 years before the film. They have a story teller that help narrates the show. It is written by co-directors Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, with the help of playwright Olivier Kemeid. 

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“A live multimedia immersive spectacle that brings to the stage the breathtaking world of James Cameron’s Avatar like you have never seen before.” Cirque du Soleil website

A Volcanic eruption on Pandora starts the show off with an upbeat energy that continues through the entire show. The story centres around saving the sacred Tree of Souls from being destroyed, and ultimately causing the extinction of the Na’vi people. It truly energizes  you from the time you sit down and is so real and memorizing. The sounds awakens you and gets your heart pumping with the African sounds. They are so in sync and the rhythm & movement gets you going.


I will admit it is a bit hard to follow exactly what is going on but, you understand that the two Na’vi people, Ralu ( Gabriel Christo) and Entru ( Guillaume Paquin), are trying to be the heroes and find Toruk. Toruk is at the centre of it all and they must go after it to save Pandora! On their quest they meet a woman named Tysal ( Giulia Piolanti). The 3 of them speak in the Na’vi, the language in the play & film, and the performers talk through out the show trying to help guide the audience along.


Even if you cannot follow the story line, the drum beats draws you back in as well as all the spectacular lights and movements. The percussion work is that of Daudet Fabrice Grazai.


The acrobatic skills aren’t what you would normally see in a Cirque show but, it is still enthralling! It is truly a must see and your kids will be fascinated by everything that is going on.

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The African sounds, lights, flames, and singing all add to the ambiance, making this show authentic and beautiful. 

The thunder and lighting,shaking, and purple lights that light up the stage with fluorescent colours are unbelievable. It is so pretty to watch with the volcanic eruptions with all the colours that spill onto the floor with the movement & sounds.


The set designer Carl Fillion did a breathtaking job, the scenery is so well done. Each set change is almost better the one before. It is pure eye candy!

My daughter literally sat with her mouth ajar. The giant puppets are also very entertaining for the kids to watch that are operated by puppeteers. Some of the horses you can see 2 men’s legs as the horses legs, so it is pretty cool for the kids to see. If your kids don’t get excited by that, or they get scared, they will love the kites and the singing. The kites are so beautiful and really adds to the story line as they are an extension of the dancers, who do a mesmerizing job making the kites sway with such rhythm and sequence. 


They are literally flying in the air. It’s an incredible show!!!

It is such an escape from reality, you feel like your on a cruise ship or Vegas for the night. 

The whole stage lights up with such mind blowing colours and sounds, it lifts your spirit into a new dimension. Your just sitting on the edge of your seat in awe. My daughter said, ” Mommy it was the best show ever!” Those are pretty powerful from a 4 year old…

Toruk — The First Flight runs this weekend Fri, Sat, Sunday, Jan. 8th Jan 9th, Jan 10th, at the ACC, Toronto, ON

Tickets cost $75 to $170 plus HST via||direct||direct||shows


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