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My workout with trainer Robb Armstrong of eLifestyle

by Robb Armstrong
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I will be sharing my trainer’s Robb Armstrong owner of eLifestyle, Fit tips for our readers to gain the best fitness and wellness living tips every week.  In today’s post, I share ways to get fit quick in 21 days, just in time for summer..

Here are some lifestyle tips that will help you make the changes you need to get fit!Getting Fit!

  • Do a new workout that you’ve never tried before and mix it up!
  • Drink more water…It works!
  • Boost your metabolism by cooking with Ginger, Cinammon, Turmeric
  • Ginger will kick your metabolism into high gear, resulting in increased calorie burn.
  • Cinanamon curbs insulin (the fat-storage hormone) surges after a meal.
  • Turmeric counteracts inflammation in the body and improves the body’s receptiveness to leptin
  • Nutmeg-This rich spice is high in eugenol, a phytochemical also found in cloves and allspice. New research suggests eugenol may inhibit enzymes involved in glucose metabolism, thereby encouraging fat breakdown.
  • Allspice is enriched with manganese, a powerful antioxidant imporatnt for mediating inflammation in the body.
  •  They’ll add flavor and help keep the pounds off at the same time.
  • NO REFINEED SUGAR. You can cheat sometimes with dark chocolate but, switch to Agave or Stevia. I also use cocoumt milk that is vanilla flavoured and I don’t need any sugar in my coffee. When you are making a lifesyle change, go big or go home!
  • Portion Control, one of the biggest things Leah & Robb enforce and protein. Make sure you are dividing your plate and getting veg, protein, carb ( like brown rice or quinoa), and fruit.
  • Treat yourself hot mama! Go get that mani & pedi or splurge on new workout clothes. I love my new workout digs from Old Navy!
  • JUST DO IT! Go for it, you will thank yourself. It is not about how you look on the outside that is just a perk, it is how you feel from the inside that counts!

xo Nik

Here are my trainer Robb Armstrong’s tips from eLifestyle

Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

Shedding post-baby weight to create a sleek, strong and feminine body doesn’t have to mean countless hours in the gym. Due to parents wanting to be home to raise their families, in-home training has now become the norm – something Nicole knows well. Here are some of the things that have made recapturing her fitness lifestyle possible…

1. Remember, it’s a new lifestyle you’re creating

.Girl with apple and scale


  • Have your short and long-term fitness plan organized before you start.
  • Being haphazard with your exercise routine will not allow your goals to take flight.
  • Know your training days, meal times and proper training techniques that match your goals.

2.  Keep your intensity and focus supercharged.

 Rear Shoulder Row


  • Remember that the amount of weight you lift doesn’t mean you’ll be building massive amounts of muscle.
  • If you need a certain weight to challenge you, lift it!
  • The stronger you get the more challenge you’ll need to continue your progression.

3. Using the changing season as incentive is good thinking!


  • By all means, using the summer as a platform to jumpstart your fitness endeavors is a great way to get going.
  • Make sure you dedicate yourself to the cause just as much when the weather starts to turn grey. That way, when the heat of summer returns you won’t be struck by panic mode like most to get fit. Not to mention, you’ll be much further ahead.

Happy Training!


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