Diaper Rash Cream

CeraVe Bébé

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Dipaer Rash Cream-Cerave Bebe

Dipaer Rash Cream-Cerave Bebe


10.0 /10

soothes diaper rash

9.0 /10

lasts between diaper changes

8.0 /10

good for sensitive skin

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • invisableZinc
  • Dimethicone to keep out wetness
  • 3 essential ceramides, cholesterol & fatty acids to help replenish baby's delicate skin barrier
  • Niancinaminde ( vitamin B3) to help skin produce more natural ceramides & reduce redness
  • Will not irritate sensitve skin


  • Thin & Clear so you can't tell how much is left on

The diaper rash cream is developed with a revolutionary form of zinc called InvisibleZincTM. This new form of zinc is applied differently than the traditional zinc creams. It is non sticky, and goes on sheer, and leaves the skin feeling soft and protected. The formula is non greasy and absorbs quickly, this is what differentiates CeraVe Bebe diaper rash cream from others. Traditional diaper rash creams are thick, sticky, and messy, and we feel as though we have done a good job when the cream is lathered on thickly. With the CeraVe Bebe cream, it is invisible so may leave you questioning how protected your baby’s bottom is. However the product contains many ingredients to soothe the diaper rash, and to keep moisture and wetness out of the baby’s skin. If you can get over the fact that there is no more sticky goopy mess (who wouldn’t opt for an easier alternative?) then we recommend this product as it lasts between diaper changes, and soothes – not irritates- sensitive skin.

*Tip: Don’t wash off your baby’s diaper rash cream ever diaper change, this is actually adding irritants to the skin. Leave it on, and leave the moisture barrier intact.

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