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Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. is not responsible for advice and information that is expressed in this magazine. If you have any medical question please consult your health professional. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. articles and other information on the web site are up-to-date and accurate as possible, as of the time of publication, but no responsibility can be taken by Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. for any errors or omissions contained herein. It is not our “intention” to harm. To injure others, defame, or libel.
The views expressed by the authors, writers, contributors, experts, bloggers on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of this website, those who link to this website.
It’s our opinions or the opinions of the writers, experts, contributors, experts, bloggers,  advice, not counsel.
What is wrtitten on our website, www.pinkandblueparenting.com or digital magazine, is not to be taken as fact nor absolute.
If people use advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured, Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd., the owner, or team, writers are not to be held responsible.
Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site.
Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this website is not the responsibility of Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd.. The content from any organization websites which you link to or from Pink and Blue Mag are out of our control. These link are provided purely for your convenience. They do not imply Pink and Blue Magazine’s endorsement of or association with any products, services, content, information or materials offered by or accessible to you at the organizations site. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, reviews, and other materials and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pink & Blue Magazine. Do not hold Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. or owner libel for what is said or read by our readers on the pages of the website, articles, blog, or digital magazine. The content on the blog is the opinion of the blogger, not intended to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,” or anyone or thing.

All information made available at this website is intended to be of general use only and is not made available for any specific purpose. The information is made available as it appears and is without any term, condition or warranty (express implied or otherwise) as to its accuracy or completeness or as to the absence of any errors or omissions or as to its suitability for use for any use or any particular purpose. Any such terms conditions warranties or otherwise are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

All copyright and trade marks accessible via the links from Pink and Blue Magazine Ltd. are owned by the respective website owners, or their licensors.Any links that are on this www.pinkandblueparenting.com are for information only, and do not constitute an endorsement or approval of the material on the linked sites by Pink and Blue Magazine. Pink and Blue Magazine Ltd. is in no way responsible for images that third party sites use on their sites.
Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. uses only purchased stock photos on our website, or images that we took ourselves and own, we fully respect copyright law. We ask STRICTLY ask that our contributors, writers, experts, and bloggers only use phtotos that they purchased, that they own, or they have rights to.
Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. will not be held responsible or legally responsible if writers, contributors, writers, experts, advertisers, and bloggers use images on our site that are not legally used or they do not have rights to. The third parties, contributors, writers, experts, and bloggers will be held responsible if they do so.
In case you own a photo that is used on this website we offer two ways to settle; 1. We will mention you as the author with a link if that is required, 2. We will remove the photo as soon as possible.
Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. does not in any circumstances accept liability for any claim loss or damage that may result (directly or indirectly) from use of this website or use of the information made available at this website.Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd.  reserves the right (at any time and without notice) to add to remove update or vary any of the information that is made available at this website.
-The opinions, advice, products and services (if applicable) offered by third party sources are not necessarily endorsed by  Pink & Blue Magazine.  Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Web page(s), the Pink & Blue Magazine cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.
This website may contain hypertext-links to other party’s websites. Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd.has not reviewed and does not accept any responsibility for any information (and does not endorse any business product or service) that may be found at other websites.

Unless otherwise stated Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd. owns the copyright in the information made available at this website. Any copyrighted material or any image or trademark are protected by law and may not be used or reproduced without the written permission of its owner. Unless otherwise stated you may reproduce information made available at this website for your personal use provided that any relevant copyright, trademark or disclaimer or other notices are not removed. Unless specifically authorised all other use of copyrighted material or trademarks is prohibited. All Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd.logos, marks and images displayed on our website are trademarks (registered or otherwise) which belong to Pink & Blue Magazine Ltd.. You may not use such trademarks without our prior written consent.

To the extent that any part of this disclaimer or these terms & conditions of use is found to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, then the relevant part shall be deemed to and shall be modified to the extent required to make it valid, lawful or enforceable (or shall if necessary be severed from the remaining provisions) and all other provisions shall be unaffected and shall remain in full force and effect.


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