Bunny animal craft you can do this Easter !

by Laura Cutler
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Easter Craft - First Image

Here is a quick and easy way to make cute little Easter animals for the Holidays! We’ve created a bunny and a chick, but there are plenty of other animals that can be made.

You will need:
– A toilet paper roll
– Acrylic paint (we used pink and yellow)
– A black sharpie and an orange sharpie
– Paintbrush
– Scissors
– Paper

Easter Craft - Materials

First cut 1/3 of the roll off each end. One piece will be for the bunny and one for the chick.

Easter Craft - Instructions One

Next put some paint on a palette or a paper plate and stamp smooth end of one of the toilet paper roll into the paint.

Easter Crafts - Instructions Two

Make sure the roll is in a circular position and place painted end on your paper. For the bunny ears bend the paper toilet roll so the ends are pointed and dip into the pink paint and press against the paper.

Easter Craft - Instructions three

Using a sharpie draw on a face and use a paintbrush to paint on whiskers.

Easter Craft - Instructions four

For the chick, take the other paper roll and dip the smooth clean side into the yellow paint. Make sure it is circular and stamp on the paper.

Easter Craft - Instructions five

Bend the roll at sides so it forms a wing shape and dip roll into paint and stamp on paper. Repeat for other wing.

Easter Craft - Isntructions Six

Then using a black sharpie and an orange sharpie create the beak, face and feet.

Easter Craft - Instructions Seven

You can colour in your animals and for variations try making other animals or using various paint colours!

Easter Craft - Final Image

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