Eating Healthy at a Holiday Party

Thanksgiving, Halloween, the list goes on…

by Allison Zeltzer
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When Halloween candy makes it appearance in the drugstores, I know that summer
is almost over, and the holidays are fast approaching. Having worked so hard over
the past 8 months to eat healthily, develop an exercise routine, and lose weight, I
most certainly do not want to undo all of the positive changes that I worked so hard
to implement. I know that many of you are in the same boat, and so I have come up
with a short list of strategies to stay healthy in the midst of holiday parties.
1.If you know you have a party coming up, stay diligent with your exercise
routine that week. Go to the gym, walk or run outside, follow a workout DVD-
whatever it is that you like to do to stay in shape. That way, you earn those
extra little treats and drinks that are so tempting at these parties.
2.Eat extra healthy the day of the party. Start off with a hearty breakfast that
will keep you full longer. An egg white omelet, Greek yogurt with blueberries,
and fiber filled cereal are all excellent choices. Choose a grilled piece of fish
and a healthy salad at lunch, and load yourself up with fruits and veggies
throughout the day.
3.Drink lots of water. Eight to ten glasses is the recommended amount of water
per day. Not only does this keep you hydrated, but also fills your belly. While
at the party, alternate between water and alcoholic beverages, or add soda
to your wine and make it a spritzer!
4.Skip the drinks with cream (like a White Russian) and juice (like a
Screwdriver). Choose a lower calorie beer (Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol or
Molson Light) or wine (Zinfandel, Chamblis and Chardonnay) instead. Keep in
mind that the amount of calories in liquor is directly correlated to its alcohol
5.Eat something healthy at home before going to your party. A veggie filled
salad with olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar on the side, or a nice
bowl of vegetable soup will make you less likely to munch on those fried
appetizers because your belly’s filled up with all the good stuff.
6.Skip the bread in the basket. Even though it’s tempting, it’s a waste of
7.If there’s an option, choose lean cuts of protein like fish and chicken breast. If
the chicken comes with skin, take it off.
8.Create a healthier portion size by cutting your food up. Often at a party or a
restaurant, there is more than needed or necessary to make us full.
9.When you are finished your meal, push your plate away from in front of you.
That way, you will be less likely to nibble and consume extra calories that you
didn’t want.
10.Choose a few special treats for dessert, but decide what you want and how
much you are going to have in advance. Don’t change your mind, and go
back for more. Premeditated action is best, because you plan for it, and move
on. Tomorrow will be another day!!
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