Eco Chic Décor

by Erin Lazer
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If the safety of our planet is on your mind, why not help protect it by buying eco-friendly and sustainable products for the home? You can find an eco-friendly option for just about ANYTHING you can think of these days. Here are some great resources and ideas for you to explore:


When you’re painting your home, which is a great way to update your décor, consider using an environmentally friendly paint like Benjamin Moore’s Natura™ Waterborne Interior Paint ( .  Not only does it carry their “Green Promise” designation, but it is also zero-VOC.  You can also try Dulux Lifemaster paint which is also zero-VOC


Not only are there thousands of different wallpaper patterns to choose from, but there are also many eco-friendly options as well. Crown Wallpaper carries the CLD PURE Collection (  Even Home Depot has great options in their ECO wallpapers collection! (


You can buy fabulous organic and natural fabrics to use for pillows, drapes or bedding. If you live in Toronto, there are a number of places you can find these items, like Organic Lifestyle, (, or do a search in your local city. Also, given that the world is one big open market, you can also buy fabric online. A few great websites are Of course, when you buy online, it involves shipping, so think of your carbon footprint too!

Bedding, Towels, etc.

We spend (hopefully) at least 8 hours a day in our beds, and hopefully our little ones are spending 12, so this is a great place to invest in organic products. Glo Organics or Green Living Organics ( has a great line of products for the bedroom, including adorable products for children and nurseries. Again, Organic Lifestyle in Toronto has great selection and will ship anywhere in Canada. Dream Designs in Vancouver ( also has great selection for everyone including baby.


There’s nothing more natural than Naked Furniture ( which you can customize to exactly your style. Everything is made in Canada with environmentally friendly products.  You can even take it one step further and buy furniture made from reclaimed wood, at Reclaimed Furniture Direct (, based in BC.

Décor and Accessories 

West Elm ( has a beautiful line of eco-friendly accessories and pillows to adorn your home with.  And when in doubt, one of the best ways to shop eco-friendly is to shop second hand. Buy treasures that have a story behind them, and then create a new one in your own home. Reclaim furniture as your own by buying pieces with potential that need some TLC. It’s amazing what you can do with paint and fresh upholstery. Garage sales and auctions are good options, as are many second hand or consignment stores. Don’t be afraid to bargain too—the more you save, the more you can put into make these things beautiful again.

If you are looking for anything green, here’s a handy guide to businesses in Canada that offer green products in every category:

Happy Styling!

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