Essential Oils & How to Use Them

DIY recipes with NOW Essential Oils

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Shower Pucks
Making the NOW® essential oil shower pucks / vapour disks is such an easy and fun DIY project that your kids can help with.  Give as a thoughtful gift or just enjoy at home.  Here is the recipe:
Another great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is in your laundry.  Try adding 5 – 10 drops to your unscented detergent tray, or right in the washing machine water.  In the dryer, add 3 – 6 drops to each wool dryer ball.  Try NOW® Peaceful Night essential oil blend on your sheets and towel loads.
 Perfuming with essential oils can be another fun DIY with your kids or for you to choose and be creative without using chemicals or alcohol.  Such a great option for little girls who want a perfume like Mommy.  In a NOW® empty 10 mL roller bottle or 60 mL spray bottle, fill with NOW® jojoba oil, leaving enough room for essential oils.  Add to preference 8 – 12 drops of essential oils for a natural, chemical free perfume.  Re-apply throughout the day as desired. Be careful not to apply directly to clothes.
 Baby and Kids Sleep Tight Massage recipe:
Cleaning Skin Mask
More Recipes 
    Tons more recipes available on the Now website!


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