Dr. Shaila Callaghan

Chiropractor, Prenatal and Pediatric Wellness Expert , Toronto , Ontario, Canada

I received my degree from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College after graduating Summa Cum Laude from McMaster University. At the end of my studies, I was the proud recipient of the Vern Welsh Memorial Award for excellence in Radiology.

My extensive post-graduate training has made me an authority in pre and post-natal care and child brain development. I am your family’s wellness expert. I know that when children are given healthy foundations, they grow into healthy adults for life. The future potential that proper health and health education will have on a young mind and body is limitless!

I am incredibly passionate about assisting moms-to-be through their pregnancy, helping to make that special time a comfortable, healthy and fulfilling experience. I hold certification in the Webster Technique, specific to pregnant woman, and allows for more room for your baby to grow and develop properly. This special technique also has a high success rate for turning breach babies.

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