Do families making a high income deserve handouts from the government?

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Pink and blue is always on the pulse of what is happening and what is considered hot topics to real parents! Our popular facebook group Pink and Blue exploded onto the mom scene in 2011, attracting thousands of passionate parents every week and our readers & members are able to get real advice from real parents. Our magazine grew from the forum because we felt the need to give our readers expert opinions. Our website has over 90 experts that write for us and provide quality editorial. You can choose to get advice from other parents on our forum or expert advice on our website which is what makes P&B the go to source for parents. Recently Pink and Blue has been recieving media attention from 1010 Radio that is picking up real conversations from real mothers, and fathers weighing in.

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Pink and Blue is always on the pulse of what is happening and what is considered hot topics to real parents!

A recent conversation was picked up from child care today, the conversation was related to the topic that someone asked our admins to post anonymously:

Anonymously posted

I have an appointment coming up with Children Services to see if we qualify for a fee subsidy for daycare. Our combined income is 98k. I just checked the online calculator and it actually wants us to pay more than what the monthly cost of the daycare is. So I would like to hear from people on that income range that have gone through the process. Did you get declined/approved or are you paying more?

People have argued that families making that high of an income shouldnt be asking from handouts from the governemnt and that it should be saved for people below the poverty line!

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Here are some responses that we got from our followers concerning this topic that was aired on 1010 radio, they had expert Elaine Baxter on answering your questions, here is a summary of some of the main points made:

  • I’ve learned that there are 25,000 subsidies available and they are maxed out with a waiting list of 17,000. Terrible.
  • The host thinks it’s ridiculous that people who make 98K can get a subsidy. There are 25K subsidy spots available and most earn less than 20K a year. She did say though that on that salary and with 2 children (infants) in daycare you could qualify….whether you get it is another story. Oh and the host apparently thinks you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t afford it. Hmmm.
  • And that most of the families have an income of less than 20,000. Some higher, and it is possible that a family making 98K would qualify but it’s a lot less likely

To listen to the full coversation press play below!

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