Fight or Flight – flying with kids what to bring, how to stay sane

by Wioletta Rehman
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Travelling with the kids is never easy, however, it can be enjoyable for both parent and kids.

Being on the plane for long hours can be difficult for adults let alone little kids. It is not easy but we can do it!

We travel often with our kids (since they were 5 months old). They love it. Travelling is a huge part of our lives and I would never change that. We often fly to Europe and as we all know these flights are usually about 8-10 hrs. One way. Our last trip we went to the Middle East and did 14 hours straight. My kids are now 4 and 7 years old and we are going everywhere together.

My kids don’t always listen, we are not a perfect family, however, if we are on a plane we are having a great time.

How do we survive? Here is what I do and it always works for me. Again, this might not work for everyone but trust me if the kids have their favourite snacks and a little bit of entertainment they will be good.

    • Snacks- I always have small packages of their favourite snacks. I usually keep an extra chocolate for a surprise.

    • Ipads are a must. I am not big on the electronics for kids, but I cannot have an extra bag of toys to entertain my kids. So, we get headphones, as not everyone wants to listen to their music or games, and everyone is happy.

    • When I travel on my own with the kids (that happens often), I take two carry-on bags and one backpack. My kids have these small carry-ons so if my younger daughter gets tired or simply lazy I can always take over and still have my backpack on.

    • I allow my kids to have one toy each. Something that will make them a little more comfortable. When they were very little a little blanket was always a must.

    • I usually go to the dollar store and get small books; colouring pages, crayons, stickers and that keeps them occupied.

    • The little TV’s on the plane are a huge entertainment- kids love it.

Believe me even a long flight can be done. Travelling is the best education kids can get! Good luck everyone and have a fun summer!

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