by Paisley Hood
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FINESSE Treatment Packette

FINESSE Treatment Packette


9.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

4.0 /10

Suitability for Multi Hair types

9.0 /10

Hair Appearence

10.0 /10


  • Keratin protein enriched
  • Can be used weekly
  • Leaves hair feeling soft
  • Deep conditions damaged hair


  • Individual packaging is highly wasteful
  • Individual packaging is awkward to use while in the shower

After one use, this product left my hair feeling amazing. My hair type is thick wavy, and has been color treated. After using the Treatment Packette my hair was silky soft, and very manageable. I styled my hair as usual (a blowout) and received compliments on my hair, it looked like a professional blowout! Will definitely be continuing this weekly  treatment, the results are undeniable and instantaneous.

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