Generally Speaking: Why Yoga?

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Hello Pink and Blue followers, I’’m honoured to be a part of your colourful world!

In today’s post, I want to share a general overview of yoga, and why it is important to practice both pre and post natal yoga. Yoga, as you may or may not know, is an ancient Indian practice that emphasizes a harmonious balance of all systems within the body.  When practicing yoga you are deepening your connection between your mind, body and soul.  This creates peaceful, happy and calm feelings in your internal world-and this is what will set you apart from all of the daily craziness that we experience in our external world (responsibilities, deadlines, bills, commitments, etc).

Pre natal yoga will support you to find a deeper connection with your changing body (both physically and emotionally), your growing baby, and other pregnant women.  The journey of pregnancy is greatly enhanced when you spend at least one hour a week stretching, exercising and learning breathing techniques that can help to prepare both mind and body for labour and delivery.

Post natal yoga is a phenomenal way to bring balance back into your life after having a baby, as it will help you to get your strength back and to build up energy (think of “energy” as multitasking without an anxiety attack).  During post natal yoga you will begin to tone your body while alleviating the physical demands of breastfeeding, sleeplessness and body aches.  Yoga breathing techniques are a fabulous way to stay centred, and should be started as soon as possible.  Gentle yoga is encouraged 6-8 weeks after delivery (with clearance from your O.B.G.Y.N, and if you have had a c-section, you should wait a little longer), and usually around the third month after giving birth women can resume a regular yoga practice.

So there you have it; a general overview about yoga, and the benefits of both pre and post natal yoga.  I look forward to getting into more detailed blogs that will hopefully answer your questions, and encourage you to focus on your health and wellness both during your pregnancy, and once your baby has arrived.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, and even potential writing topics. I want to know what you are interested in reading when it comes to the subject of pre and post natal yoga.

by: Sarah Brager

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