Get Fit: Shape Up t & Lose that Mommy Belly!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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You have your first kid, you take walks, go to mom & baby fitness classes etc. After your second, you think oh, I will eat healthy & after a yr the weight will come off. Hello, it is still their with all its glory & stretch marks. Beautiful right? Yeah, I have my mamma tiger stripes, well… I can do without the memory. That is what my kids are for! 
Ok, it has been a year since giving birth to my last babe and I eat healthy but, I need to start working out hard core.
 I have a few health issues but, believe that balance in life is  important. Part of balance to improve other areas in your life.
 First thing is to get my eating right & exercise, that will take care of my body & improve my overall health.
I know that I am more then ready to show a little skin, it’s time to start kicking your workout routine into high gear. To me, once the sun shines means it is the time to start showing a little skin, especially since I am from non other then the sunshine state, Florida.
Moms its our time to begin baring our gorgeous legs in skirts, sundresses, and shorts.  With this in mind, I recently asked Robb Armstrong from eLifetsyle, for him to train me. I will be publishing articles on my progress to get fit so you can try the exercises at home!
Of course, Robb will give some useful tips that I am going to share with all of you. I am going to train 3 times a week, shift my eating to make sure I am getting enough protein, fruit, & veggies in.
What fitness questions would you like me to answer in my next Get Fit post?I hope that these tricks and this post will inspire you to start toning up for Spring! Make sure to pin this image so you can pull it up the next time you’re at the gym!

Also, be sure to follow Robb @myeLifestyle Twitter for daily fitness tips!

eLifestyle owner and trainer, Robb Armstrong will be getting me back in shape & sharing how you can too through diet & exercise.
Check out their website!, online weight loss programs & offer adult fitness classes at gyros gymnastics, while kids are in classes) as well as in home training.
Stay tuned!
Twitter @myeLifestyle
Follow Robb on Instagram-Follow Robb on Instagram-armstrongrobbonHere is my weightloss tea I made to lose weight, I prepare it at night and drink it in the am.

Here is what you will need: ( optional green tea w/brown rice tea bag)
3 slices of cucumber sliced thin
half a lemon or lime
1/2 tbsp of grate ginger ( grate and add to your cup)
3-4 mint leaves
1/2 tbsp of honey

The cucumbers will add flavour to the water and is delsih.
The mint will make it even more refreshing.
Squeeze lemon directly into your cup, I add a lemon slice to make it look pretty.
Ginger is the most important ingredient. It boosts your metabolism for the day.

Fill your cup with water, the water should be approx 200-300 ml.

Lastly, add honey after the hot water.

Prepare at night and put it in the fridge over night or if you make it in the am put some ice cubes. I like to also drink it hot at night for my throat, especially with the heat on in the colder months.

XO Nik

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