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Get Fit: Week 2, Day 3

My goal to lose my mommy belly with trainer Robb Armstrong of eLifestyle

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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This week we increased the intensity as my body starts to get used to the workouts and I build my strength back up. We have started to incorporate weights into my core exercises to make it harder and I definitely can feel the burn! But, as I worked through it the soreness got better.

Every morning, I would wake up for my sessions with enthusiasm and started to notice that my energy levels throughout the day & concentration improved.

Nicole’s Workout Week 2 – Robb’s Tips

Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips

With proper form and technique essential for isolating the target area(s) on a given exercise, here’s my how-to’s to maximize results for today’s exercise highlights…

Total Core Move – Spiderman Planks (modified)

This advanced ab move is modified to match Nicole’s ability, but will still push you to the limit. You’ll be alternating side-to-side as you try to bring your knee out high trying to touch your elbow. *To build up strength, bring your knee up as high as you can while not allowing your foot to hit the ground until you return it back to the start position.


Breathe out as you exert the most force, which is when you bring your leg up to the top of the move (knee under the chest).
Maintain a low center of gravity – body straight from head to heal. Do not allow your hips to rise up.
Do not allow your hips to “pike” up to take some of the workload from your lower back.

Full-Body Strength & Co-ordination Move – Get-Ups (with a light weight)

Traditionally performed with a kettlebell, this core-strengthening move will also put demand on your entire body to maintain balance and co-ordination.


Do not hold your breath at any time.
With a beginning goal of five reps per side, perform a couple of reps on one side and then switch to the other side for two more. This way you can assess your ability and determine how many you can do on each side.

How to Assess Proper Training Intensity

When training on your own it’s sometimes difficult to know if you are pushing yourself at the right intensity – ultimately one that will reveal results. Here’s what to consider…


When doing your weight routine, your range of intensity is determined by working the hardest for the last 3-5 reps of a 12-rep set, for example. This means that the difficulty increase gradually so that you are able to complete the set while SAFELY pushing as hard as you can.
For fat burning cardio, keep a moderate pace – one that will allow you to increase your heart rate to a good point while still being able to have a conversation with someone. This basically translates to working at a 75% or a 7.5 out of 10 effort.
To choose the right weight for a given exercise, simply use the lightest weight possible for half the reps, than assess if you need an increase or keep it to finish the set. Combine this tip with the first tip and you’ll be able to create your starting workout level.

Are you going to give this core exercise workout a try?

If you do, let us know what you think in the comments. We can almost guarantee it will kick your booty!


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