Get Fit: Week 2 to lose that mommy belly with trainer Robb Armstrong of eLifestyle

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Week 2, Day 1 with Robb Armstrong from eLifestyle, to lose my baby belly and achieve overall optimal health through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and gain balance back in my life. Check out some exercises we did and exercise tips from Robb!

 Week 2 with Robb Armstrong of eLifestyle
by: Nicole Blomberg

I woke up feeling energized, I took a shower to start my day and put on my new workout clothes. I suggest running ( no pun inteneded) to Old Navy and grabbing some stuff on sale while your in limbo with your weight loss goal! So you don’t need to invest too much money but, will feel stylish and good in your new workout gear.

To start my day, I had my detox tea with mint, ginger, honey, lemon, and  water ( try 20 minutes before you eat). Then, Egg whites for breakfast & a cup of Joe.

After my workout, I had a Qunoia veggie burger with cheese melted on it.

Snack- Almonds ( I cheated & had some skinny popcorn, shh don’t tell Robb)
Snap Peas in a pod with veggie dip


My  Workout today included:

1. Warm-Up ( Stretch before the workout & I did some mommy & baby exercises by doing airplane with my baby. I raised her up and down over my head and she loved it!
Nothing better to start your day then seeing your baby laugh & smile!
(5 minutes)

2.Overall Strength Training for abs, legs, arms

Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

With proper form and technique essential for isolating the target area(s) on a given exercise, here’s my how-to’s to maximize results for today’s exercise highlights…

•Upper body arm exercises  using stretching band wedge in the door
•lat pull down, row, over my head

Power Push Ups Upper Body Move -10 x {Repeat three times!)

How-To: Begin in the standard push-up position – face down, and bring hands just a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, and feet spread shoulder-width on your toes. Next, alternating side-to-side, drop one hand down to your forearm and follow with the other. Then alternating side-to-side, push your body back up with one hand, followed by the other so that you are back in the starting position.

Robb’s Tips: 

  • For beginners, simply drop to your knees to perform this dynamic move.
  • Breathe out as you exert the most force, which is when you press the body back up to the top of the move.
  • Performing on your toes will add the extra core work into the mix and greatly increase the challenge and intensity.

3. Cardio:• Jump-change lunges, you can use with 5 lb weights (10)

•usual squats ( we did backwards one today)
•knee cross overs

{Repeat three times!)

 Abs & Core:

Crunches- 10 x ( 3 reps)

If you notice that your neck or lower back hurts after doing your core work, then your not doing it correctly! Check out these tips from Robb on how to make crush those abs!

 Crunches are done in a small movement, lift your head and shoulders up from the floor about 1/3 of the way, then down. 

Put your hands over your chest, NOT behind your neck
– You want to pull with your abs. Make sure head, neck, & abs are in one pretty straight line.

Keep your chin up
Keep chin to the ceiling. This will isolate your core and burns those abs baby, & you won’t hurt your neck.

Pull in & Press down
Think Pilates Ladies, pull your spine in while you press your lower back to the floor like tightening a corsette. Exhale while your doing this, you want to strenthen your abs as much as you can.

Inhale & exhale-

I always get my inhale & exhale wrong. You want to inhale when you lower dorn to the floor and when inhale while you return to starting position.

Plank (1 minute)- I did it!

•Bicylce crunch- 10 on each side! ( keep it to one side & then switch)
If your up to the challenge then, do two sets of 25 and get ready to feel the burn.

Here is how Robb explained the move:
Robb said, you want to get that twist in their. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your feet extended off the ground. In one continuous motion bring your right elbow to your left knee and then when your done with the rep then switch to your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat till failure.

{Repeat three times!}

Jack Knife
Abdominal Move – Lying Jackknives

How-To: Begin in a tuck and crunch position. Next, at an easy pace – about a two-count – begin to open up by stretching your arms out above your head and legs away from your upper body as far as your ability allows. Finish the move by bringing upper and lower body back to the start position.

Robb’s Tips: 

  • Breathe out as you exert the most force, which is when you bring the body back together to complete the move.
  • Determine a safe range of motion as you spread the body out to where your lower back may begin to arc. You’ll stop at a comfortable point that will challenge you but won’t compromise your lower back by arcing too much. In doing so you’ll maintain better control over the exercise.
  • You WILL feel your lower back getting worked also as it is involved in this core move. Over time, as your lower back strength improves you’ll feel the isolation to your abdominals more.

Upper, Outer Thigh Move – Lying Straight Leg Hip Abduction

How-To: Begin by lying down on a flat surface on either side. Rest up supported on your forearm (or lay flat with your head resting on your outstretched arm) and your leg extended straight. The opposite leg will be on top of the other leg with toes pointing out.

Now, begin by lifting your top leg up keeping the rest of your body still.

Hold and squeeze your glutes for a second or two, then release back to the resting position. Repeat on the other side.

Robb’s Tips: 

  • Breathe out as you exert the most force, which is when you raise your leg up to complete the move.
  • To increase difficulty, you can extend higher, hold for a longer period of time, and on the bottom portion do not come to a full rest but rather hold it at the bottom for extra tension.
  • *Keep your toes pointed down and lead with your heal as you raise and lower your leg. This will dramatically increase the tension and intensity to this move!

Lying Hip Abduction

Total time: 60 minutes

Here are a few things to know about this workout

• Make sure you stretch before and after doing this workout to prevent an injury.
• You will repeat the strength training + cardio workout three times. Make sure you are  using your core to engage and not your neck, and at the end again as your cool down.
• Make sure the positions and correct and postures.
•  If you’re in a time crunch, simply decrease the number of times you repeat each set.
• Don’t forget to eat a lean, healthy protein right after working out to maximize your energy and rebuild those muscles. Be sure to check our recipes for some meal ideas & delish snacks.
Are you going to give this circuit a try?

If you do, make sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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