Getting Ready for Spring

by Rachael Grad
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Spring has finally arrived and here are some tips to get us going !


Many of us sit at a desk all day or hold certain positions for long periods of time. When we aren’t focused on our posture our body tends to slump and our muscles tend to contract. Taking five minutes each day to stretch your muscles can improve your mobility and flexibility. You should also add stretching to the end of your workout routine. Research has shown that people who stretch post workout can triple their strength in two months.

Get Fresh Air

Many of us find it difficult to exercise on a regular basis. With the winter months behind us,  we were prone to stay indoors and be sedentary. Dedicating a few hours to getting outdoors can be a great way to get exercise, get in touch with nature and spend time with loved ones. Go for a walk, a hike, ride your bike or take a healthy picnic! The idea is to be exposed to sunlight and fresh air while moving.

Cut out sugar

Once we start reading labels we quickly realize how much sugar is in the food we eat. The abundance of sugar in our diets is the reason many people are addicted and crave sweet treats. By eliminating sugar from your diet for five days you will notice a change in how you feel; your energy will likely increase and your cravings will decrease.

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