Goal Setting for Fitness

by: Teri Nitsopoulos

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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 Make Them Achievable.
Rule number one of achieving your goals is to actually sit down to think about them, set them – write them down.  Tell someone.  Fit people don’t work out – they train with a purpose. That purpose may be getting into a pair of jeans in a smaller size, it might be improving their core strength, achieving a faster 5k time, or a getting up a flight of stairs without gasping for air. It can be any goal that gives their physical training structure and purpose.

It’s not about, just going through the motions or zoning out, while working out.  You need to focus, be present and be in the moment.

The other important part of this is that the goals they set are achievable and they give themselves a realistic timeframe to get there.

You might even consider hiring a trainer or a coach to help you set your goals, workout what you should be doing to get there and how long it should take you. Most goals take at least 3 months of consistency to see major changes, often it takes longer. Also, making this a lifestyle and real excellence in any physical endeavour is something you never stop working on. Set goals, work hard, be patient and be in the moment!

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