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How do YOU hydrate your BEAUTY

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We all know hydration is key for a healthy glow.
But, did you know there are many benefits to drinking water infused with Lemons and Limes? They are a fabulous way to stay hydrated, by adding additional flavour to your tastebuds, as well as a great addition to your health and beauty regiment.

The acid level in Limes are known to assist in the following:

  • Help brighten dark facial spots

  • Help fight acne break outs

  • Tan removal. (For the time you “accidentally” streaked your fake n’ bake

  • Helps prevent against dandruff

Hair & Skin benefits of Lime:

  • Helps provide a healthy glow and even skin completion

  • Helps regulate sebum production in scalp

  • Helps strengthen hair roots, reducing hair loss

  • Helps burn fat in the body, and maintain weight

  • Helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Cancer fighter

  • Helps aid the digestive tract, relieving abdominal pain

  • Helps aid migraine discomfort

  • Very rich in foliate and calcium, which are excellent for women in menopause

Benefits of  LEMON water:

  • Immune booster

  • Excellent source of potassium

  • Aids in digestion

  • Cleanses system, flushing out toxins

  • Stimulates liver function.

  • Aids in the relief of tooth aches

  • Decreases blemishes and wrinkles

  • Contains Pectin fibre, assists in fighting cravings

  • Decreases inflamation

  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression

  • Excellent aid in cutting out caffeine 

By adding these natural drinks to your day, you will rip so many benefits!

Place thinly sliced Lemons or Limes to a water pitcher, or throw them in your water bottle for a on the go refreshment. 

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