How to survive a Canadian winter

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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(NC) As Canadians, we learn early that preparing for the cold of winter is essential. This is especially true when it comes to our recent winters with record heavy snowfalls and dreaded wind chill. The right outerwear can put the fun back into winter, whether you enjoy snowmobiling and skating or skiing and snowboarding.

Make the most of the winter wonderland with gear that keeps you and your family warm. And with shorter winter days and longer nights, remember to think about added safety features too.

Sears Canada provides some useful information to help you select the best winter coats for you and your family:

1. Down Fill – Duck down is one of nature’s best insulators. Down provides warmth by trapping a warm layer of air to insulate from the blustery cold.

2. Water repellant fabric – Water repellency allows droplets to bead together and roll off, instead of spreading out along the face of the fabric and soaking through. Nothing is worse than being cold and wet.

3. Style – Features such as multiple styles, colours, lengths, and detachable pieces ensure that you can find a coat that suits you.

4. Machine washable – A coat that can be easily tossed in the washing machine and hung to dry takes the worry out of getting dirty.

5. Safety – Most winter pedestrian accidents occur at night, when shorter days result in more hours of limited visibility. Look for outerwear with reflective material on the cuffs, piping and tabs, such as the Canada’s Best AlpineTek Parka. Reflective accents will help you to be seen from nearly every angle, in dark or low-light conditions.

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