Incorporating fun in to fitness

Smart tips to jazz up your exercise experience

by Adam Michael Segal
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For many of us, working out can be yet another form of ‘work.’

Whether it’s seeing chin-ups as a chore, the silence of solo stretching or glancing at the treadmill tracker minute by minute, fitness can lack the fun factor. So what can we do to jazz up our exercise experiences?

Variety in your regimen

When you spice your fitness with some variety, it’s usually more fun. “You can’t just do running or weightlifting,” explains Stephanie Mezei, a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with 25 years of experience. “There needs to be variance in your program. As long as you’re open to variety, the fun will take care of yourself.”


While networking is generally a professional activity, Mezei says it’s also useful in fitness. “You need to network with other people,” she relates. “Ask them what kinds of classes they are taking, speak to a professional or go and join a group class and try new things.” Mezei adds that fitness networking will inevitably give you more ideas and tips you can apply to your workouts to make them more enjoyable.

Keep on changing

Many people have hard-set workout routines they follow religiously. But routine for some people can mean repetition and monotony which does not translate into much fun. “I really believe in change,” Mezei says. “Change your workout music daily. Change your scenery if you can. Change the intervals that you do certain exercises. Even changing a week where instead of three workouts, you do yoga one day. The body responds well to change. ”

Positive Attitude

If you hit the gym or your running trail already overwhelmed about what you’re about to do, chances are your exercise time will lack good vibrations. On the other hand, practicing a positive attitude before and during exercise can make the whole experience better. “Fitness needs to be regarded as fun,” says Mezei. “Think about the fact you are increasing your mobility and longevity. Keep in mind where you are right now and the world is your oyster.”

Natural Fun: Endorphins

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in your body. Essentially, endorphins foster a natural ‘high.’ “Even five minutes of stretching can release endorphins,” says Mezei. “It’s a natural by-product of moving your body and are bodies were made to move.”

The next time you think your workout’s going to be more ‘work,’ put some of these tips into practice and you’ll have a good shot at finding the fitness fun factor.

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