Interview with Jordane Frankel

Owner of Jordane’s Nail Boutique, Mother of Ella & Lilly

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Photographed by Justine Apple

Creative Director-Nicole Bloomberg

Kids names: Ella and Lilly

Ages 8 and 6

Who or what inspired you to go after your dreams?

My children and husband are my inspiration for most things in my life. Prior to opening Jordane’s Nail Boutique I was a teacher. After developing an autoimmune disease, I had to resign from teaching as it became physically difficult for me. I knew that I had to show my girls that you don’t just give up though. So the following week I opened my salon. They were my inspiration!


What does your mom do and how has that affected what you do? Do you think what you do will inspire your girls?

My mom was a makeup artist so I grew up immersed in girlie things. I would sit and watch my mom for hours.

I was doing nails and makeup on my friends since the age of 8. Watching my mom definitely affected what I do today. I hope that I will inspire my girls to follow their dreams whatever that may be. 

So you are always fully booked, you’re clearly running your incredibly successful nail salon and raising two kids in the City. What are some of your tips on staying balanced and staying focused with such a hectic schedule?

It’s about boundaries and staying true to yourself. My hours are shorter than many other salons. This is because my kids are still my priority. So most days I’m only there until 4:00. This way I still pick my kids up from school and take them to all of their programs. I am also extremely organized. This is a must for working moms. 

What has been the hardest part of becoming a mom?

Learning to forgive yourself for making mistakes. No mother is perfect, and that is hard for me. 

I also find it extremely hard to see your weaknesses in your own children. As a mom yoy always want better for your kids. So when you see yourself in your kids, it can be very hard. 

What is the best advice you could give to moms?

Forgive yourself!  It’s as simple as that. We are all so hard on ourselves. No one is perfect. Everyone is trying their best. We are all going to make mistakes. So forgive yourself. 


What are your fave beauty products?

My go to products are the following 

Skin care:  Rodan and fields eye cream is my obsession. 

Makeup: kirsch cosmetics foundation (available at kirsch cosmetics studio), pandoras concealer (available at kirsch cosmetic studio) VMV hypoallergenics mascara (available at Jordane’s nail boutique), buxom lip gloss (available at Sephora), and what’s up cheek and face highlighter (available at Sephora). 


What are the best nail polishes? The longest lasting? What are the “it” colours this Summer?

I am a health conscious nail salon so most of my nail polishes are 5 free. I love zoya, deborah Lippmann, and Ella Mila. Those are my three fave brands because they are a healthier choice than the typical OPI or Essie, and they last well. Most of my clients get a full week out of their manicure with those products. The “it” colours this summer have definitely been the nudes and the “naked mani”. It is similar to a French manicure but more subtle and sheer. It is a line created by zoya. 


What is your biggest life challenge and what did you learn from it?

I am someone who lives with an anxiety disorder. Last year I suffered tremendously. It was for sure the hardest time and most challenging time in my life because I had two little girls to worry about. It was a very difficult time but it taught me to take care of myself, to put myself first when I need to, and it taught me that all that really matters are my family and my closest friends. 

What is your favourite part of your day & what you do?

My favorite part of my day is picking up my kids from school and lying in bed with them at night. My fave part about what I do for a living is being with people. When you are an aesthetician you often become a friend to your clients too. I love listening and helping those around me. 

What would be the most shocking thing people don’t know about you?

I had a tongue ring and pink hair at one point in my life…….and there’s still a piece of me that belongs there.Nail-Salon-36

by Justine Apple
by Justine Apple

inInterview with Jordane Frankel

Interview Jordy Frankel photography by Justine Apple
Interview with Jordy Frankel photography by Justine Apple



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