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Interview With Lauren Millman

Victoria Pathammavong

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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Relationships, whether they are between lovers, friends, family, or even yourself are known to be some of the most rewarding, and often times painfully challenging parts of life. Is it any wonder that we look for guidance on the subject from those who spend their days studying it? Lauren Millman is one of those individuals, as a certified Coach Practitioner she specializes in relationships and effective communication. Lauren dedicates her practice to helping individuals seek their own peace and happiness. Like many success stories, Lauren’s happiness did not appear overnight. She refers to ‘hitting rock bottom’ at a point in her life, where negativity reigned supreme. This feeling not only affected her, but also her family. It became apparent to her that what she was putting out in the world had great repercussions on other people, and that needed to change. With courage, perseverance and determination Lauren decided to ‘pick up the pieces’ in her life and change the way she perceived the world, all for the sake of happiness. And really, what is the purpose of life if not to simply be happy?

At this time she realized that helping people understand what she had discovered was her calling in life, through her practice she is determined to guide her clients to their optimal happiness. To Lauren, if she could make just one minute in someone else’s life better, then she has done something right, there is nothing more rewarding than helping out another person. On top of that, her greater goal is to empower individuals. Lauren wants people to see that they have the bravery and the confidence inside of them to really bring forward happiness and success. In order to do that, she explains that people should not be afraid to acknowledge problems. With conflict, the tendency is to hide them under the rug and pretend nothing is wrong. In reality that type of behaviour is what keeps us in a static state, it prevents growth, change, and further impedes us from being content with our lives. Luckily, we have individuals like Lauren in the world to help us through the rocky path to greater happiness.

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