Laura & Jos, The GG Sisters and Founder of Glama Gals

Jos, Mother of GM 4 years old & expecting, Laura, Mother of Ella 7 years old, Toronto.

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Laura & Jos I Founder of Glama Gals, The GG Sisters

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Can you describe your parenting philosophy?

Our goal is to raise kind, humble and respectful children. Sounds easy on text but it really is the hardest thing to do, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

What works for you?

Life works for us! Knowing we aren’t alone in the daily hustle and grind of running your own business, and that there are other moms out there going through what we are. 

What doesn’t work?

 Is a schedule and routine. Yes you heard it we really have no routine or schedule because our lifes are crazy and busy. If you ask anyone who knows us they will tell you we are really a spare of the moment pick up and go type of family.

If you could relay a message to all parents on Pink&Blue, in regards to balancing family & work life, what would it be?

There is no balance,  take each day as it comes and its ok to not be ok. We all have good days and bad days. Always remember after a storm their is a rainbow. When you see or have that rainbow moment, stop what your doing and enjoy it.

What about favorite ways to relax? What do you do for fun?

We love snuggling up and having movie night with the kids!

Speaking of balance, who do you turn to for parenting advice?

 Our mom she is our voice of reason and saviour when we need help!

How has becoming a parent affect your view on life itself, and more importantly your own life?

 Life is better with kids, you now have someone watching you and looking up to you. Always remember be who you want your kids to be. The days be longer and the nights harder but in the end its all worth it. 

How would you describe your style? Has it changed since you became a mom?

Yes ballerina flats, tights and hair in bun all day every day. 

What have you learned from your kids?

 I learned to live in the moment and seriously not care about what others thing and just BE YOU! 

What do you hope they learn from you?

I hope they learn confidence and compassion. Those two C’s are what makes us who we are.  


Josie, what is the best or worst part of being pregnant? Do you know what your having?

I have no idea what I am having, life gives us very little good surprises, so it’s important I hold onto this surprise. Knock on wood pregnancy has been great. I think keeping busy is what get’s me through the nausea LOL!

What is your pregnancy beauty routine like? Did it change much from your normal routine?

My skin has become more sensitive with the pregnancy. I use Eminence Eight Greens line which is balancing my skin and keeping my skin glowing.

If, You’re becoming a mom for the second time, did you find anything different this time around?

Will tell you in July!

Josie, What are you most excited for with the new baby’s arrival?

 I am so excited to see my sons reaction once the new baby arrives and how he interacts. 

Do you have any tips for travelling while pregnant?

 Yes, travel and enjoy and get travel insurance.  


You focus on Mompreneurs when doing GG sisters, who is the most interesting person you meant or who are you most inspired by?

Tell us more about what inspires you! We don’t have one person specifically as all the mom boss’ we have interviewed and met inspire us in their very own way. We love hearing everyone’s success story and definition of success and being able to spotlight them is exactly we and who we are all about.

Tell us how you started Glama Gals?

So this is a long one.. ( but we will make it short so you can hear our story on PB LIVE) Glama Gal started in 2006 we started doing mobile spa parties at home for kids for 2 years. By 2008 we decided to take a leap an open Canada’s first brick and mortar inspirational spa for kids. It all started with a passion and love for kids to make them feel good inside and out. The rest is history….

What advice would you give to a working mother to make it a bit easier?

 I know guilt is a big problem for all working mothers– Best advice is its ok to not be organized, its ok to not have dinner ready on time, its ok if you have to travel for work or work long hours. You are teaching your kids work ethic. They will thank you later. And more importantly it’s about the quality of time you spend with your kids, not the quantity. 

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