That Loaded Mother’s Day Question…

What To Get Her

by Lauren Millman
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I’ve known my mother for 50 years. Yes, that’s right right, fifty. And every-single-year, from when I can remember having to think of what to make for her, to when I grew older and had to think of what to get for her, I’ve never been able to figure it out on my own. Kindergarden and my formative years were easy; it was a planned, mandatory, in-class, scheduled activity. Paper strips threaded together at either end, with the biggest, safest threading needle the school was allowed to safely supply to their charges, along with string and a gold, bobble-thing, acting as the base of flower we were threading together.

I remember it vividly. I remember all of them, vividly, hanging from the ceiling like upside-down deeply-boppers. It was a beautiful sight of colour and creativity, all for Mom.

Grades one through whenever however, are a blur. I’m sure it was something scheduled, something colourful and thoughtful, and something that required us to show our love and creativity to our mothers or caregivers. I know she kept them all. Even the bad ones. And so, there would come a time when school didn’t mandate a Mother’s day gift or card anymore, and we were left on our own, to our own devices. Since then, I can’t remember a Mother’s Day where I found it easy to think of what to get her. This Mother’s day is no different. Perhaps a sign of my age, or probably, and more appropriately, simply just having the insurmountable task of figuring out what to get the mother who has already had everything a daughter could think of, appropriate for this auspicious day, without repeating the same gift from the year before, or re-gifting a gift you wouldn’t even use or enjoy yourself.

The daunting task of figuring out the perfect gift stresses many of us out, so after having given it some thought, here are my picks for this year, ranging from from good ‘ol reliable, to a bit more creative. In showing our love and appreciation to Mom, you have the wonderful opportunity to show Mom how much you value her, love her, and can spoil her until your hearts’ content. And you should. Flowers never fail, and will always lead to please, but here are a few ideas that you may have thought were too risky but that I’m suggesting may please her even more. And don’t forget to get your husbands to read this article too. I’m on your side Moms, and any of these gifts would be the perfect gift for your guy to give you on Mother’s Day.

                                                     A Night Out.

But not just any night out, an overnight, at her favourite hotel. When was the last time you or your Mom did this? I bet it’s been a while. Whether it’s or, this would surely be a night to remember.

                                        Encore, Encore.

Who doesn’t love a good performance? A show, I mean. A live show. It’s a night out on the town where both of you get to dress up, act like adults, and enjoy some good theatre. Kinky Boots was one one my faves, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-see, and Mom (and Dad or Boyfriend) would love it too. We often don’t think of giving a gift that you can share in the enjoyment, but sharing is bonding and connecting,  and that is just good relationshipping, 101. I love the theatre, and it’s something We don’t get to do very often, so I say, get dolled up and go! has many other great performances other than Kinky Boots, but all their performances are spectacular.


Did I say S-P-A?! Oh yes I did. You can’t go wrong here. is a great choice with a ton of activities to keep mom busy. Or, you may want to bring her to www.steannesspa in the beautiful Halton Hills for a more low-key experience. She’ll be thanking you for weeks, and may even insist on another visit next Mother’s Day. Or sooner. You can book an overnight, or tow, or more, or do a day spa with lunch and high tea, and neither Mom, or you, won’t want to leave. Go together or send Mom and her special guy. Either of these destination is a great retreat for any Mom, either solo, with friends, or with your special someone. And if you do go to the beautiful Halton Hills, tell them I sent you! Really.

                                  Livin’ on the edge.

Does Mom enjoy the outdoors? Just a short drive Toronto is the beautiful, where Mom can get busy, or keep it in chill. We love it there, and there’s so much to do and see. After a day of caving, high-ropes and low-ropes, zip-lining, mountain-biking, hiking, tennis, rock climbing or mini-golf, Mom can hit any one of the restaurants in the village and have delicious fare in a fabulous environment, surrounded by the beautiful range of Blue Mountain.

Some other ideas I had for Mom were hire a personal chef, purchase some beautiful stationary, or buy her a pack of movie passes from I still haven’t decided what to get for my Mom, but hopefully I’ve helped you narrow down your choices, or at least, given you some ideas for your Mom that may not have had before.

Oh, by the way…Since I’m a mom too, I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day this year, and my husband will definitely be reading this.  I hope he gets the hint. I hope your does too.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the Moms out there, and to all the Dads who are Moms too.



hearts love


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