Look at Me…I’m An Expert!

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Doctor, Pediatrician, Doula, Certified “whatever”…
This is the company that I am keeping in my role as “Daddy Blogger” at the Pink and Blue Baby website.
While I am educated, I never did go to school for psychology, sociology, medicine or child behaviour.
Yet, here I am on the same webpage as a bunch of fellow bloggers who are far more knowledgeable than I am.
While it is true that my children often remind me that I “lecture” way too much when I am reprimanding them or teaching them a lesson, I guess it is true that with my age and with the various life events that I have experienced so far, that I guess I am a bit of an expert….or as my late grandma used to say, a “maven”.
I have been a citizen of the world for 47 years, a husband for 21 and a father for over 15 years and even more specifically, a father to two young ladies, which is an education in itself!
I am flattered to be apart of the P&BB Blogger Expert directory and could have certainly used the access to the knowledge and insight of these experts at the beginning of my career as a parent. But..amazingly, I managed, along with my amazing wife, to figure out parenting; at least so far.
I often feel overwhelmed at the intelligence and knowledge of others that I encounter on a daily basis. Its a problem I have…because I miscontrue someone else’s intelligence as me being inferior or something less then the person I am talking to. Call it a lack of self-confidence, but its a challenge I continue to work through on a daily basis.
I think we are all experts in something. Everyone in the world has something to contribute; a skill, a talent, an insight…a perspective.
I have noticed in my 15+ years of parenting that children are major contributors of insight and perspective.
I was so amazed to be able to see the world in a whole new way when my children were experiencing things for the first time in their own little lives. How often would I carry one of my young babies in my arms, walking outside on a beautiful spring day, the kind of day I have seen thousands of times over during my own life, but a day that was something new for my child.
To see a bird fly past, a bee on a flower, a caterpillar crawling in the grass or fireworks on Canada Day. For my daughters, these were new and amazing things. They were able to take in what they were seeing and give me a whole new appreciation for what we were now experiencing together.
My kids taught me to slow down and look around. Their simple act of seeing something new and amazing, forced me to appreciate something that I had taken for granted.
I have said it before and I will say it again, we take our children’s potential for granted. Often times, we disregard what they have to say thinking, “oh what does she know…she’s just a kid!”
I have always been told to be careful what you say and the way in which you say it around children because they are like sponges and absorb everything. This is completely true and can be furthered by saying that kids are more observant than we, their parents think. They are highly intellectual and provide insight and perspective that has not been digested or influenced by external forces like cynicism. Their thoughts and feelings are pure and authentic.
The next time one of your children attempts to chime-in during a conversation, don’t dismiss what they have to say.
Remember, our children are experts and their advice comes free (other than maybe the cost of an ice cream cone!).
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