Looking to reveal a fab summer body?

Looking to reveal a fab summer body? Here’s today’s nutrition how-to’s for regaining that pre-baby hot bod with a post-baby lifestyle!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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In Today’s post we will be talking about the best fitness and healthy living tips and how to  eat right, not starve yourself, & portion control!

I have been learning to live my best life as Oprah would say! Getting back into a workout routine, eating right, and learning about portions, calroies, and balancing my plate with protein, fats, & carbs has given me a new surge on life!

I feel better then I have ever!! That is a HUGE statement.

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Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

 Whittle Down Your Waistline  

Keeping a close eye on the make-up of your calorie intake will keep the pounds off and tighten your belt a couple notches.


  • Carb Control: If part or even your entire primary goal is weight loss, do not consume fast-digesting carbs later in the evening or night unless you exercise in the evening.
  • Portion Control: When on the go, memorize approximate portion guidelines, such as a serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards, for example.
  • Processed Foods: Strictly control consumption to reduce/control sodium intake, improve functioning of your digestive system, and reduce risk of certain cancers.

 Combat Calorie Confusion

Accepting your diet and exercise modifications as permanent lifestyle choices will ensure you’ll be more successful at keeping the weight off.


    • To keep your nutrition on point, the right combination of carbs, proteins and fats eaten at regular intervals throughout the day will ensure energy levels are kept high.
    • Skipping meals will only zap your energy when you least expect it, not to mention actually slowing your metabolism over time rather than revving it up as intended!
    • Healthy snacks eaten between meals will stabilize your blood sugar levels so you won’t experience energy “highs” and “lows.”

Training and Nutrition No-No’s

As social or family functions begin to approach, some of us feel the pinch and take drastic measures with our exercise and nutrition in attempt to look good for the occasion. Be sure not to fall into the trap!


  • Drastic Calorie Cutting: It’s tough to wrap your mind around the idea, but you need calories to burn calories. If you continuously cut out too many calories from your daily diet your metabolism will actually slow down to protect against starvation, thus stalling your weight loss efforts!
  • Full-Body Fat Loss: When it comes to your “problem” areas, you cannot “spot reduce.” Losing fat weight is an accumulation of burning calories, and it happens evenly over your entire body. However, it’s your genetic predisposition that will determine the rate in which you lose fat from various areas on your body.
  • Sensible Diet: No guessing allowed – that may be the main reason you got here in the first place. By estimate, if you cut 2500 calories from your diet in just one week it will result in 2lbs. of weight loss! Tip: 1 bagel contains around 215 calories!
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