Love Multiplies

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At my friend’s recent wedding, I sat at a large table full of friends that I have known since highschool. We had a great time. Many of us at the table are parents, so it was only natural that we talked about our kids. One couple (new parents) asked those of us with more than one child about how it’s possible to love more than one. It was sweet to hear them talk about how much they adore their son and how they cannot imagine loving anyone else as much. With twins, I was never in that situation. Everyone else assured them that from the moment your second child is born (or third or more) your love just multiplies. In my case, I was instantly filled with double the love from the moment I became a mother. My love for each of my daughters is the same in that I love in the same immeasurable amount; however, I love them differently. They are each different people with different emotional needs, and as a result my love is tailored to each of them in a unique way. After recently reading a book on raising twins (see my last post for more details), I realized that it was okay to love my daughters the same but differently. In fact, it is better for them that I have different feelings towards them because it acknowledges that they are different. If you don’t have twins, you may not understand how twin parents can be plagued (especially at the beginning) with guilt for having different feelings towards each twin. Maybe that’s what my friend was getting at — she’s already having guilt over her concern that she cannot possibly love her theoretical second child as much as she already loves her first born. She will though. Because whether you have twins or two kids in the traditional sense or just a gaggle of children, you will love them all in the same immeasurable, infinite amount. You may have different feelings towards them but the amount of love that you have will be the same. Love multiplies.

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