Make the Most of Summer With Your Kids!

by Wioletta Rehman
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How to spend time with your family during the summer after work and kids camps!

During the school year we are all so busy with the school, activities and everyday chores. The cold weather doesn’t help either and it’s hard to even leave the house. Now when the summer is finally here, the days are longer, and we can enjoy some quality time with the kids after work!

I don’t get very much time off during the summer, and my kids are often at their summer camp and daycare. However we take advantage of every opportunity we get to enjoy some bonding time. When the weather is nice we usually go out to spend some time together and enjoy the summer weather!

My oldest daughter plays Soccer twice a week. We usually all go together as a family to her games. I set up a little picnic on the grass to make it more enjoyable for my younger one. We have made friends here too! There are kids similar age so while the older ones are playing the younger ones can entertain themselves. Playing with a small ball, making bubbles, running, chasing one another and enjoying snacks!

We also live close to Wonderland, so at least once a week we go there.  Our little routine includes  the family having a small dinner or quick snack and then 5-6 rides in the Snoopy Planet.  We have been going to Wonderland for the past 3-year and still my kids love it and would go there every day if possible. We often meet our family friends at wonderland so we have a nice playdate! If you have an amusement park near your home, get a seasons pass and you can enjoy it as a family all summer long!

Parks, splash pads, swings and slides… name it we love them all.  When I don’t feel like cooking, we will grab quick take-out dinner and go the neighborhood park. Kids will have some fun in the playground and play with other kids, and I don’t have to cook and get to watch my children laughing and growing.

We also like to go for an evening walk in the neighborhood as a family, looking at the flowers and trees and having good laughs. Colouring the driveway with the chalk, (again, more) bubbles, riding on the scooters and bikes, everyone enjoys the time outside in fresh air and sun!

Often we do little play dates with my mommy friends. We all play in the backyard, and have a good time together!  The kids are always so happy as they get together with their friends during the week!

It really doesn’t take a lot but it make a huge different for the kids! I do work full time and I know how difficult is to have that special time together. It is so important as the summer is so short and kids are growing up way to fast… Believe me I don’t do it every single day- I am tired too- but seeing smile on my kids’ faces gives me that extra energy!

Let’s all enjoy the Summer!



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