March Break: Here are 5 tips to Help You Stay Healthy On the Road!

Don’t let a vacation derail your healthy eating plans!

by Bonnie Wisener
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March Break is here. Yip. If you are one of the lucky ones getting away to somewhere warm and sunny – have fun. Lots of sun, little to worry about. Ahhhh….
It’s March. three months into the year. 3 months since the ball dropped and you swore that you would get healthy this year, you would lose that extra weight. And you are doing it. You have got this. Are you actually gonna let a vacation screw it up? Remember those days when you used to say, oh well, it’s a vacation, gain 5 lbs and come back home to work hard at getting that gone?
When my family and I travel, my big anxiety is always “is there a gym? can I go for a run somewhere? Or, in my wildest dreams – a spin class? Seriously, we just booked a trip and our travel agent/friend actually said to my husband “Bonnie will be thrilled, there’s a great gym”. You don’t want to know what my husband said…
The point is, it’s actually easier than you think to take healthy on the road. Here are some quick tips for you as you embark on your adventure (PS – these tips are great when dining out for a staycation as well).

Eating on the go does not have to derail your healthy eating/ weight loss efforts. Being prepared and having a strategic plan will allow you to eat out at almost any restaurant and still stay on track.
Here are 5 tips to Help You Stay Healthy On the Road:

TIP 1 –

Plan ahead: GPS some healthy pit stops along your route. A grocery store is a great place to pick up fruit and cut veggies to munch on. If dining out, most restaurants have their menus online and some even have the nutritional info posted (chains mostly). Go online, search for the nutrition information of the restaurant you want to go to, and plan out your choices.

Tip 2 –

Pack snacks. There’s no need to stop for food. Keep a few healthy snacks in the car for long rides or bad traffic. A trail mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit is an easy, non-perishable option. Granola bars with protein and less than 6 grams of sugar also work.

TIP 3 –

Be an assertive orderer: Don’t be afraid to modify the menu. Trust me, in this age of “nutritionism”, waiters are used to it. Ask questions and know the terminology. Beware of terms such as creamy, smothered, lightly breaded, deep fried. See if they can be changed to grilled, steamed, broiled or boiled. Ask for sauces on the side and leave out the fries/rice/pasta/potatoes that usually come with the main and ask for extra veggies instead (most restaurants are happy to do this). Make your own meal – order a garden salad, ask for a skewer of grilled chicken or salmon and some oil and vinegar and voila – your meal.

TIP 4-

Start with soup or salad: both can be filling and satisfying. Order the dressing on the side and dip your fork lightly in the dressing before every forkful. Stay with non-creamy soups. Ask the server if dairy is added that will let you know if they add cream or cheese or even butter (you can even tell your server that you are lactose intolerant to make sure they don’t add cream, butter or cheese)

TIP 5 –

Keep to regular meal intervals. Eat a meal every 4-5 hours regardless of time zone changes. If the journey doesn’t allow for a real meal, be prepared with a substantial snack like seeds, nuts, dried fruit or cheese.

And last but not least, drink tons of water!!It will keep you hydrated and feeling full.

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