Milena Meek Shares #Newmom tips!

M.I.L.K Tuesday Interview

by Dunsin Adebise
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Tell us about you – who are you? What is your occupation? How many kids do you have?

Hello! My name is Milena, I’m a young mom living in my hometown in Metro Detroit with my husband, Brandon. We have a spunky four year old daughter, Cielle, who finds it necessary to regularly remind us that she is in fact a “teenager.” Cue the sarcastic eye roll. We are also expecting a baby boy at the end of this month! I am lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom for the time being. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science that I worked very hard for throughout my pregnancy and raising our daughter. I’m a real modern mom trying to keep it all together despite the twists and turns life has thrown us. My husband and I met just as I graduated high school and we have been together ever since. We became parents early in life and have had to figure things out along the way, but that’s what has kept our relationship so strong. I love that we have grown up together and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

You’re soon-to-be a mother of two! Have you settled into a pregnancy routine at this point? Or is anything different this time around?

I am so thrilled to be welcoming our baby boy in just four weeks! This time around has truly flown by. My first pregnancy I struggled with horrible sciatic pain, heart palpitations and terribly swollen feet! Currently my feet are of normal size and I luckily haven’t dealt with any other discomforts. Okay, so maybe using the restroom every hour and the occasional ansyness at bedtime could qualify, but hey I’ll take it! I must admit, I dreaded being pregnant in the summer, seeing as my last pregnancy had me sleeping by an open window in the dead of Michigan winter, but it’s been a breeze. This time around, you can find me floating on a giant inflatable unicorn on our lake any chance I get. It may be the difference in gender, or my body being used to the pregnancy hormones, but I’m really enjoying this pregnancy.

What was your day-to-day look during your pregnancy?

My everyday look consists of my favorite non-maternity t-shirt dress from Old Navy, in grey of course. It’s the perfect thing to throw on with some tassel earrings and espadrilles. Being pregnant in the summer means that sundresses are your new best friend! Anything that is a-line or empire waist will do the trick, throw on some cute sandals and jewelry and its instant preggo style! When I’m not running errands or grabbing brunch with some girlfriends, you can find me at the beach, I’ve been rockin’ my bikini with my favorite lace kimono all summer long.

Can you share with us your beauty routine during your pregnancy? Do you have any favorite beauty products or fragrances?

My beauty routine doesn’t consist of much, especially when I’m pregnant. I don’t usually wear makeup other than some undereye concealer (gotta love those dark mom circles!) and blush. Now that I’m pregnant my routine consists mostly of lotion and oils. You can never moisturize the belly enough! I definitely believe this is what helps keep the stretch marks away. My favorites are shea butter and Jojoba oil, I put them on whenever I can!

What should new mom’s make sure they have on hand at all times?

As a new mom it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by allllll the baby products that you’re convinced you need. After having my daughter, I realized that you don’t need it all, and as a mom you can definitely make due out of just about anything. I would say a saving grace as a new mom is definitely wet wipes, we use the all natural ones that are perfect for sensitive skin. I’m not kidding when I say we probably had a box on hand in every room! Some other new mom favorites of mine were muslin swaddles (can be used for anything!), a high chair/shopping cart cover (to keep those nasty germs away), and Wubbanub pacifiers (the attached animal makes it easy to find at night if baby loses it). Don’t get caught up in the millions of Pinterest lists of new baby “must-haves.” Every parent is different, something that may be a necessity to one is completely unnecessary to another. Though it never helps to be prepared, so keep those wipes handy (along with some spare clothes)!

Last but not least, what your fav thing about being a mom or most surprising thing?

I absolutely love being a mom. I remember the moments after my daughter was born, thinking how in the world could I possibly love something this much? I was just consumed by her. Being a mom is anything but easy, and in our case came as a surprise, but there’s nothing else like it in the world. I love to watch our daughter’s personality grow and shine. It is so incredible to watch a tiny baby grow into such a curious, observant, and joy-filled child. I would say it’s surprising how much my daughter and I are alike, granted we spend all of our days together, our relationship is unmatched. I wouldn’t change any part of motherhood for the world. The hard times are what we learn from, and the good times are the ones we will cherish forever. New moms some advice for you is to listen to your moms! It sounds awful, I know, but when you step into their shoes, your world as you know it will turn upside down, and everything your mother said to you (cliches and all) will be true. I’m so excited to meet our little man and I’m looking forward to all the craziness of being a mama of two!

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