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Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable educator who specializes in assessing and meeting the needs of students and learners of all ages.
She understands learners’ needs not only because she has two young children, but also because she has a master’s of education and has had teaching experience in Ottawa and Toronto.

With previous successes directing a thriving tutoring company in Ottawa, Yael is ready to bring her expertise to the Toronto market. Yael directs the daily operations of Base Camp Tutors Inc. and is fully committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and in helping each learner reach their personal educational peaks.

Can you describe your parenting philosophy?

I would have to admit that my parenting philosophy has a two-part strategy. It is mostly trial and error, but I am also a gatherer of information. I tend to talk to my family and friends and read a lot to determine the best practice for my kids and family. I often resort to the belief that there is a reason for every behaviour – this helped me as a teacher and it helps me now. I also have to remind myself that my two kids are SO different! What works or worked for my son likely needs to be adapted or entirely changed for my daughter. I have to remind myself of this constantly. It’s funny to think about, but my teaching philosophy and my parenting philosophy have a lot of overlaps. I have to research best practices, strategize for each specific child, try it out, and reflect on how to do it better next time!

How important is it to you to be a working mom?Additionally, how do you balance your work and home life?

Being a working mom has always been important to me, but it does come with its challenges. I am also a single parent, so working is my only option! But even when I was married I knew that I had to contribute to our family’s income. I also want to lead by example. If my kids see me working hard to achieve great things, then they can appreciate all the things we have – including our home, vacations we take and any other luxury we have.

I knew a long time ago that flexibility was crucial for a home/work balance. I need to be able to do carpools, participate in school events, go grocery shopping, and take care of myself. Running my own business seemed like the best option for me. I am able to make my own hours and be in charge of prioritizing. Now that my kids are both in school full days, it also makes it easier. When I used to run a tutoring company in Ottawa, my kids were babies and toddlers and it was very challenging to be in the home but not involved with their play and plans.

Who are some moms you are inspired by?

I’m inspired by a lot of moms – all for different reasons. I’m inspired by moms who love to play with their kids for hours! I’m inspired by moms who can whip up an amazing meal and even sneak in healthy ingredients without their kids knowing. I’m inspired by moms who can take a very active role in their kids’ school. I try to learn from every woman I meet – I think it’s important to realize that we are most successful when we surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us! I’m always observing and reflecting. I try to be resourceful that way.

What is Base Camp Tutors about? Who do you help? What ages?What ages should people start getting a tutor? 

Base Camp Tutors is a Toronto-based tutoring company that exists to serve the unique academic and educational needs, and learning styles of our students. We offer 1-on-1 home tutoring for every age and subject. The program is successful because I make it my priority to learn as much about my student as possible to ensure I match them with the perfect tutor including subject expertise, schedule preference, and of course, personality.

We have tutors for kids as young as kindergarten (literacy skills or learning a new language) to senior level math and science students. We also have post-graduate exam prep tutors (LSAT, MCAT…etc) and we also have tutors for adult learners. No matter the need, we have a tutor who can help. There is no wrong age to start tutoring. Tutoring can help with basic subject matter but it can also help instill confidence in learning. This is often the most important outcome – with confidence, students can excel in the classroom.

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