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Mini Extreme Bean Grilled Cheese

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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Try out this great appetizer! The Mini Extreme Bean Grilled Cheese is great for anything from your cocktail party, to a backyard barbecue with the family. Enjoy this spicy summer snack!

Ingredients: The Extreme Bean Hot & Spicy , 7 Grain Bread , Extra Old Cheddar, Butter

Prep Time:  6 – 8 min


  1. Place several slices of extra old cheddar on a bottom layer of 7 grain bread
  2. Lay several Extreme Beans on top of the cheddar cheese
  3. Lay a couple of slices of cheese on top of the Hot & Spicy Extreme Beans
  4. Add a top layer of 7 grain bread          

Preparation:  Add butter to a hot pan and melt it down, place the bottom half of the sandwich in the pan and cook underside until golden brown. Part two, add more butter to the pan, and melt down.  side until golden brown and cheese is melted.



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