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Interview with Yael Baruch, Director of Base Camp Tutors Inc.

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Yael is an experienced and knowledgeable educator who specializes in assessing and meeting the needs of students and learners of all ages. She understands learners’ needs not only because she has two young children, but also because she has a master’s of education and has had teaching experience in Ottawa and Toronto.

With previous successes directing a thriving tutoring company in Ottawa, Yael is ready to bring her expertise to the Toronto market. Yael directs the daily operations of Base Camp Tutors Inc. and is fully committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and in helping each learner reach their personal educational peaks.

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What is Base Camp Tutors about? Who do you help? What ages?

Base Camp Tutors is a Toronto-based tutoring company that exists to serve the unique academic needs, educational needs and learning styles of our students. We offer one-on-one  home tutoring for every age and subject. The program is successful because I make it my priority to learn as much about my students as possible to ensure I match them with the perfect tutor. I assess how knowledgable students are about the subjects they wish to study, their schedule preferences and their personalities.

We have tutors for kids in kindergarden (literacy skills or learning a new language) to tutors for senior level math and science students. We also have post-graduate exam prep tutors (LSAT, MCAT…etc) and tutors for adult learners. No matter the need, we have a tutor who can help. There is no wrong age to start tutoring. Tutoring can help with basic subject matter, but it can also help instill confidence in learning. This is often the most important outcome – with confidence, students can excel in the classroom.

Why does it work

Our program works because of our unwavering commitment to make the perfect match for each student. We focus on delivery of content, not just curriculum, so it’s crucial that the tutor approaches their unique students with individualized instruction. Each program is tailor-made for each student. It’s guaranteed to be successful.

Are individual kids needs taken into consideration?

All aspects of Base Camp Tutors are student-centered – from the moment of initial contact, the students’ unique needs are considered – including the students’ learning style, background and family history, schedule preference and where the tutoring should take place. Our goal is to provide what you need, when you need it, with the perfect tutor.

How do I know if my kid has a learning disability?

As mentioned above, I thrive because I surround myself with excellent resources. I recently met Karen and Ann Wolf from Wolff Educational Services. We had an instant connection because we immediately realized that we shared a passion for education and student advocacy.  When working with a family who is considering to get their child tested, I often refer to their services and expertise. I asked Karen to write, in her own words, the answer to this question:

“There are many characteristics of a learning disability. A student with a learning disability will usually display some academic underachievement in reading, writing, and/or math. Generally, a student with a Learning Disability will have difficulty with (either or both) the input and output of information. Compounding this are issues with abstract thought and reasoning, affecting their by ability to sequence and organize information. In addition, their short term and/or long term working memory may be affected. They might have difficulty organizing their belongings and getting along appropriately with their peers. Students with a learning disability have the ability to learn and achieve. If you notice that your child is having difficulty in any of the above  mentioned areas, speak to the teacher right away. Only a psycho-educational assessment will be able to diagnose your child with a learning disability.”

Do you teach kids how to read or write?

Definitely – we have students in kindergarten and grade one studying literacy skills. We have students getting help with spelling tests, hand-writing, and even basic homework help or motivational skills.

How are you different then your competition?

I think that there are a lot of good tutoring companies out there that promise the same thing. The difference with Base Camp Tutors is that my background is saturated with educational and pedagogical study. I have my master’s of education which focused on the needs of a learner and how to best approach instruction. I also taught high school English in two very different schools. I also know what makes a good teacher/tutor, so I am very diligent when it comes to hiring. I make sure that the tutors are experts in their subject matter and share in my philosophy of education. I take careful notes of their personalities and demeanors to make sure I pair them appropriately with students. I promise a very customized and personalized approach. We also have a Base Camp Assessment that we do to make sure our plan of action is on par with both provincial curriculum and the family’s goals. Finally, our business model is very flexible and convenient for families. The tutors come right to the home or preferred location, and contact is between student and tutor. Therefore, if a change needs to be made from one lesson to the next, it is very easy to do so.

Why did you start your tutoring business?

Originally I started this business (under a different name) while living in Ottawa. I had already moved around a lot for my then husband’s career and had to switch school boards more than once. Starting my own business seemed like the best option as we were planning to start our family and weren’t sure how long we would be staying in Ottawa. I knew that whatever business I started needed to be routed in education, so this seemed like the natural path for me.

The experience was extremely successful and rewarding. Five years later, we planned to move to the States, so I sold the business to an amazing tutor that was working for me. I am now back in Toronto permanently. It felt good to be home and I finally felt ready to bring my passion and expertise to the Toronto market.

How do people reach you? or 1-888-633-8560

Also check out our evolving website – and stay tuned to our FaceBook posts for blogs, resources, and motivation!

Check out a recent RATED REVIEW by one of our client’s Erin Silver on Pink & Blue Magazine,

What are the best hours and times for a tutor? Does it differ for different ages?

This is a totally dependent on the learner, the family and sense of urgency. When I speak with a client, I ask them their preferences and I find a tutor who can accommodate. We even have kids who live part-time with mom and part-time with dad and the tutor goes to different houses depending on the student’s schedule. Parents know their kids and family needs far better than I do, so I let them decide. We accommodate!

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