Moms Share their Best Mom Advice

For New Moms!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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We think that there is nothing better then a mother’s wisdom and advice that she can pass onto others, which is why I started Pink & Blue and the Pink and Blue FB group.  From advice about sticking up for ourselves to lessons on how to judge others,  lessons from others moms can go far—and sometimes it can even make you laugh at the mom moments we all share and can relate to.

Here we go:

“Work hard, play hard, and always do your best.” —

Always ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that could happen? It’s usually not as bad as you think.”

“Have fun with your kids. Laugh together as much as possible.”

“Follow your gut instinct–no matter what.”

“You will have moments when you are feeling overwhelmed, and you question yourself as a mom. But, know you are doing a great job.”

“Watch them sleep, let the laundry pile up, hire help to clean, and do whatever makes your life easier. Hold onto the moments that are happening now!”

You first kid and second kid are different! That’s what makes them special


Here are some unedited comments from our FB Moms!



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