How to making time for friends and your husband!

by Laura Cutler
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It’s hard to balance it all! Being a full-time parent leaves little time to go out but we found one Mom that’s making in work! She has two beautiful children who are just as cool as she is and a husband who just adds to her greatness! She always makes time for her family and puts her children first. She takes time for herself, getting her nails as she spends time with her friends, trying the best new restaurants in the city and going to concerts!

1. How do you make time for friends?

When I had my first kid my group of friends started to change dramatically, but when one door closes another opened and I met some amazing women. Nowadays (most of us have had another baby since) we try to see each other at least once a month. Planning our next night out while in the midst of our present one seems to work for us.

2. What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my husband, he’s my best friend and the most fun person I know. He makes most activities a good time. We like going to concerts in the summer, skating with our kids in the winter, but our most fun activity is eating ben and jerry’s (cherry Garcia) in bed, it’s usually when we laugh the most while discussing our crazy life.


3. What kinds of things do you do to take time for yourself?

I get a coffee on my way to work almost every morning. After I run a kid motivated, breakfast and getting dressed marathon, but before I enter my office I stop for 5 minutes and get a coffee. It’s just a few minutes alone but I gather my thoughts for the rest of the day and appreciate those little ankle biters, realizing that soon enough they won’t need me to help put their shoes on.

4. What kind of things do you plan for mom’s night out?

Usually a dinner at a super cool trending restaurant or an old reliable steakhouse. There have been discussions around STK opening in Toronto or getting to the Queens Plate but let me be honest by the time you try to get 5+ moms out while giving us all enough time to feed and bathe our kids prior to leaving we don’t care where we go.

5. What’s your ideal girl’s night look like?

My ideal night out would be one where I am not driving and have ample time to get ready. One where there is not an ounce of mom glow on my face from always being a little sweaty and where I do not have kid schmutz on my shoulder. Also love going dancing, I wanna go dancing!

6. What’s your girl’s night out style like?

My family and friends joke that I wear a uniform, it consists of two main looks, all black top, and jeans or white top and blue jeans. I finish it off with a good handbag and a killer pair of stilettos or stan smiths or white chucks.

7. Where are your favourite places to go?

Restaurants, my husband (although not his current profession) went to school to be a chef. We love to eat at and try new restaurants.

8. What does a successful girl’s night out always include for you?

A great guestlist.

9. What does a typical weekend look like?

Our typical weekend is usually pretty busy, My husband and I were never homebodies, we like to be out and about, as a result our kids (1 and 4) are the same. We usually make our way out for breakfast just the four of us followed by whatever programs our kids are enrolled in that season, swimming lessons, skating (this year will be hockey). We are also very fortunate to have lots of family who live in the city so we are usually getting together with someone, we joke, our family’s FAQ’s are “where are we going next? and are you going to finish that?”

10. What keeps you cool?

My job, I work with some seriously creative minds who keep reminding me of what’s going on in the world other than Mike the Knight and Sophia the First.

11. How has motherhood made you cooler?

I like to think that I have another perspective on life and a bigger concern for the environment my kids are growing up in. I care more about people.

12. What is your secret for keeping life fun and exciting?

Ebb and Flow. Remembering that something is “just a phase”, as much as I don’t want to hear others tell me that, I like to use it on my own to stay grounded when things get nuts, and to appreciate when life is incredible.

13. What advice do you have for other mom’s to keep life fun and fabulous?

Find a momsquad, people you trust and can be honest with. It’s fun when you can laugh at your mistakes with someone, or get really excited with when you fit back into your old clothes (but then realize they are not your style anymore). momsquads are also great when you have had the worst day ever and the laundry is piling up and you may have to make peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.
Go on dates, as often as possible, play in the dirt with your kids and never schedule sex.

14. How did motherhood change your lifestyle?

I can’t be as spontaneous as I used to be, but I’m probably better off for it. Going to work with a hangover was never that much fun anyways. Also, I never take the relationship and time with my husband for granted. I gained a huge appreciation for my partner in this life, an appreciation that I may never have had if it wasn’t for my kid’s arrival on the planet. He comes first and my kids come second (that’s right I said it, kids are second).


15. What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

The ability I have to not sleep, it’s incredible that I am a functioning human being with half of the sleep I used to think I needed. These little people give me so much strength and energy.

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